Best Graphics Welcomes New Partner: SCM Folder Gluers


AUTHOR: John Hower

Best Graphics (Waukesha, WI) is pleased to announce that we’ve become the exclusive North American distributor of the complete line of SCM Folder Gluers for folding carton and corrugated board manufacturing.



History —


SCM, founded in 2007 in Taiwan, moved manufacturing to mainland China and is the largest Chinese manufacturer dedicated solely to the production of Folder Gluers. Product development was implemented in cooperation with Japanese Folder Gluer designs and refined by SCM. Offering a full dynamic range of equipment, SCM utilizes world-class components sourced from Germany, Japan, Italy, and the United States. Nearly 1,000 SCM Folder Gluers are in production across the globe.



Products —


SCM’s product line offers folding gluing for entry to expert levels in configurations tailored to suit any application. The Folder Gluers range in speed from 250–650 meters per minute and offer innovative features such as: inline windowing, gyro carton turning, full servo motor control, modular design, and the industry’s first fully automated servo controlled 5 minute push-button set-up.



Under the hood, they’re comprised of heavy-duty side frames, open frame operator access points, driven upper carrier systems for more stability in transport, pneumatic feeder lifting for blank separation, and a very unique retractable high-speed servo drive backfold system that is easier to set up, control, and requires only ½” blank spacing.




The SQ Model offers up to 650 meters/minute speed, fully automated 10 minute set up for straightline, auto-bottom/crashlock, and 4 corner boxes…with 6 corner set up simplified down a fraction of time required versus conventional systems, (roughly 30 minutes)…automatically elevating the tooling above the line, eliminating the need to remove and replace any tooling during makeready.


Fully Automated Setup High-Speed Folder Gluer with Straight-Line, Lock-Bottom, Double-Wall, 4-Corner, & 6-Corner



Service, Support, & Training —


Service of SCM will be via SCM factory trained technicians already established on the West coast, along with fully trained Best Graphics technicians throughout North America.



Jeff Wilcox, a 40-year veteran of the folding gluing industry, is joining the Best Graphics’ Support Team for operator training, equipment demonstration, sample testing, application evaluation and serve as product manager for SCM between Best Graphics and the factory. (Jeff is also available for operator training on all major manufacturers of folding gluing equipment) Schedule at 1-800-236-7603.



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