ITEM #1750

2006/2021, Omega


Bella 100

Factory Rebuilt (2021) – 39″ Straight Line Folder Gluer with Crash-Lock Bottom, Double Wall and 4- & 6-Corner

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  • Cycle Speed

    Up to 300 meters/min

  • Max. Size Format

    1,000 mm | 39.37"

  • Machine Length

    14.4 meters | 47.25 feet

  • Status

    In Best Graphics Stock Inventory!

2006 Omega Bella 100 Folder Gluer for Straight Line, Auto-bottom, Double Wall & 4- & 6-Corner [Factory Rebuilt 2021] –


  • 10 feeder belts (26 mm)
  • Motor vibrating feed pile support for separating blanks
  • 2 different sized pile supports
  • Dual diamond tipped feed gates adjustable in four directions, providing precise control of blanks
  • Hopper sides independently adjustable in four directions
  • Modular feed carriers with individual belt tightening
  • Section Length: 1 meter


Pre-Fold Section (PF1 and PF2)

  • 3 lower and 3 upper carriers
  • Pre-break of the first creasing line up to 180°, 3rd creasing line up to 135° for straight line boxes
  • Third score belt 30 mm
  • Left and right hand glue flap breakers
  • High speed third score opener
  • Section Length: 3.4 meters


Lock Bottom Unit

  • Folding with hooks
  • 3 sets (12 pieces) of folding shoes in different sizes
  • 6 pieces of folding hook assemblies
  • Various sized hooks


Located on PF1 and PF2 sections

  • Servo Back Folding System for 4 & 6 Corners
  • 2 sets (6 pcs) of different sized, wooden (rock maple), folding shoes
  • Polyamide guides on the final fold section for 4 corner with lid


Final Fold Section

  • Long final fold to provide easy box flow
  • Drop in center carrier in final fold with 24 mm lower and 19 mm upper belts
  • Folder belts with independently adjustable speed
  • Chromium plated and sliding folding rollers with different angles which can be adjusted at four different positions
  • Easily adjustable lower left hand glue pot with 226 mm Ø wheel
  • 2 standard changeable brass glue disks available from 2,5 to 13 mm
  • Polyamide guides
  • Two different sized multi positioned swords
  • Pneumatic squaring system for micro flute auto bottom boxes
  • Section Length: 3.45 meters


Delivery Section

  • Dual adjustable 2 lower and 2 upper extended delivery carriers with easy adjustment for all kinds of carton styles and sizes
  • Belts can be adjusted while the carriers are running
  • Kicker / counter
  • Electronic regulation system to provide continuous carton flow to the stacker entry
  • Section Length: 1.47 meters


Compression Stacker

  • Dual lead-in carriers with adjustable nose rolls to help stack irregular shaped cartons
  • Pneumatic, integrated compression stacker
  • Independent speed adjustment in accordance with the carton flow
  • Automatic guiding and lateral correction for upper and lower aprons
  • Adjustable pressure belt on stacker apron
  • Mounted on adjustable wheels
  • Apron width: 700 mm
  • Upper compression length: 3.35 meters
  • Section Length: 5.03 meters


Omega Electronic System

  • Separate electrical cabinet for all electronic equipment
  • Siemens total integrated automation control system
  • Omega Electronic with 7’’ color touch-screen for machine control and diagnosis of all machine functions
  • Omega Electronic counting device with pneumatic kicker synchronized with machine speed
  • Auxiliary control buttons at the feeder, delivery and stacker
  • Programmable horn warning system for safety
  • User friendly warning messages regarding the unwanted occurrences in the carton flow
  • 4 AC motors and drivers controlled by PLC for independent speed adjustment
  • 2 Servo motors, drivers and PLC for Servo Backfolding


General Features/Technical Specifications

  • 24 mm lower and 19 mm upper belts
  • Upper carriers raised and lowered by easy system for adjustment to carton thickness
  • Standard size bearings
  • Solid Steel Structured Side Frames: 10 mm
  • CE Certificate
  • EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • EC Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) 2014/30/EU
  • EC Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • Easy belt changing without removing the shafts


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  • Machine Length

    14.4 meters | 47.25 feet

  • Air Requirements

    6-8 bar