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40.5″ Paper Cutter

  • Cutting Width


  • Cutting Depth


  • Clamp Opening


  • Minimum Cutting Size

    3.35" w/False Clamp | 1.06" w/o False Clamp

  • Net Weight

    8,100 lbs. (4 U.S. Tons)

  • Max. Clamp Pressure

    45kN (eRC: 40kN)

  • Knife Speed

    50 cycles/min. (eRC: 42 cycles/min.)

  • Max. Backgauge Speed

    11.81"/sec. (eRC: 8.85"/sec.)

  • Display

    10" (eRC: 8.4") TFT color LCD touch panel

  • Memory

    500 courses 25,000 pages (50 pages/course)

  • Operation Mode

    Memory mode, manual mode, semi-automatic mode, fully automatic mode

  • Knife & Clamp Driving Method

    Double pull drive

  • Electrical

    AC 200-220V, 3PH, 60Hz, (30A service)

  • Machine Dimensions

    W: 104.5" H: 65.4" L: 95.9"

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Best Graphics’ are the North American Importers of Itotec Gullotine Cutters and Paper Handing Systems!

New Itotec SC-100Z 40″ Guillotine Cutter –

  • Supports data input / output with USB memory
  • Option: Front false clamp removal/installation
  • Option: Knife lift
  • Option: LED cut line
  • Shipping Prices Upon Request
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • Purchase Price Includes Installation, Training & Mechanical Warranty


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