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2012, Omega


AllPro 110

43″ Straight Line Folder Gluer with 4- & 6-Corner, Carton Alignment, Motorized Carriers

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2012 Omega AllPro 110 43″ Straight Line Folder Gluer with 4- & 6-Corner – 

Omega/KBA’s Most Popular, Robust Folder Gluer for Commercial Print and Packaging Production! 

Key Optional Upgrades Included with This Used Omega Allpro Folder Gluer for Sale:

  • Belt Speed: 400 Meters per Minute
  • Upgraded Carton Alignment, Side Register Section
  • Upgraded Servo Infeed for More Accurate Spacing of Blanks
  • Upgraded Single Finger, Servo Backfold System for More Accurate Timing
  • Upgraded Motorized Carriers for Quicker Makereadies
  • Upgraded Carton Ejection System
  • Upgraded Small Carton Attachment “Kit”


Standard Omega Allpro Features:

  • All AC Motors with AC Siemens Self Diagnostics AC Drives
  • 30 HP AC Main Motor and Siemens Drive
  • Easy Belt Changing (Shafts are Not Pulled for Changing Belts)
  • Standard Size Bearings
  • 25mm (1 Inch) Solid German Steel Frames
  • Touch Screen Main Control Panel with Air Kicker


Glue System Features: 

  • hhs XTS2-E8 (8) Channel Glue System Controller with Touch Screen
  • (6) hhs PL-500 Glue Guns with Photo Eye and ULT-300
  • G-8 Upper Glue Scan, LNT Lower Glue Pot Scanner
  • CR Code Reading Bar Capabilities


Feed Section:

  • 4 HP AC Feed Motor for Independent Blank Spacing
  • 10 Feed Belts
  • Motorized Vibrating Feed Pile Support
  • Dual Feed Gates
  • Individual Belt Tightening with Cam Action Release for Consistent Tensioning


Pre-Fold/Final Fold Section:

  • Left Hang Glue Lap Breaker
  • (6) 40mm Lower Pre-fold Bi-fold Carriers with (9) 20mm Independently Adjustable Top Carriers
  • Upper carriers Raised or Lowered by Levers
  • Three position 3rd Score Folder Belt Assembly
  • High Speed Third Score Opener
  • Standard Auto Bottom Attachment
  • Lower Left Hand Glue Pot with Removable Blue Tray
  • Digital Carrier Positioning Indicators
  • Independently Adjustable Speed On Folder Belts
  • Removable Center Carrier in Final Fold Upper and Lower


Stacker/Delivery Sections:

  • Extended Delivery
  • Pneumatic Stacker Compression Control Station
  • Pneumatic Cylinder on Each Stacker Roll Assembly
  • 145” Upper Compression Stacker
  • Carton flow on stacker drive (automatically stops for blank skips)
  • Counter, Pneumatic Kicker
  • 5 HP AC Delivery Motor with Siemens AC Drives for Independent Blank Spacing


Additional Features With this High Speed, 4- & 6-Corner Folder Gluer:

  • Breaker Roll Unit
  • 145 Degree Pre-break Section After the Side Register
  • (2) Folder Belt Section


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