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Ancillary Dual-Direction Folding Machine

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  • Max. Sheet Size

    500 x 700 mm | 19.69” x 33.46”

  • Min. Sheet Size

    80 x 100 mm | 3.15” x 5.91”

  • Sheet Weight

    80 to 450 gsm | 60 lbs. to 28 pt

  • Max. Speed

    183 sheets per minute

  • Net Weight

    500 lbs.

  • Machine Dimensions

    66.93" L x 35.43" W x 47.64" H

Bacciottini BUTTERFLY E2F Folding Machine –

The BUTTERFLY E2F folding unit is mounted on wheels for easy positioning behind the creasing machine. The two parallel folds are performed by special knife units that allow for sheets to be folded without distortion to the sheet even if folding against the grain.


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