ITEM #1678

2017, Rilecart


Cover Flipper

Automatic Cover Flipper

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  • Max Speed

    2,100 books/hour

  • Max Size

    17.5" x 20"

  • Min Size

    4" x 3"

  • Wire Diameters

    0.25" to 1"

  • Machine Weight

    650 lbs

  • Floor Space

    96" x 60"

2017 Spiel Rilecart Automatic Cover Flipper for Sale –

The Spiel Rilecart automatic cover flipper hooks up to most automatic wire binding, or binding machines. The Rilecart negates the need for an operator to flip the covers, and allows for the running of the machine with fewer operators. A great labor saver!

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  • Terms: Dismantled, Skidded and Loaded On a Truck
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