New!, Busch


GD1 & GD2

Counter Pressure Device

$20,995 USD
  • GD1

    For Busch B and B+P High Die Cutters

  • GD2

    For Busch BL and BLS High Die Cutters

  • Min. Punching Size

    1.18" x 1.18"

Optional: Special piston rod extension with double support of the matrix for elongated shapes, or if matrix tends to bend during the punching process


New Busch GD1 and GD2 Counter Pressure Devices –



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  • GD1 Dimensions

    43.31" L x 24.02" W x 54.33" H

  • GD2 Dimensions

    43.86" L x 26.77" W x 51.18" H

  • Max. Air Requirement

    55 litre/min.

  • Max. Working Pressure

    8 bar