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2007, h+h/Gremser


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Glue System Card Tipper for Folded Signatures

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  • Terms

    Skidded and Loaded On a Truck

  • Location

    Waukesha, WI

  • Owned In Stock Inventory by Best Graphics
  • To be Used Inline with h+h, MBO Folders for Tipping Cards Onto Folded Signatures
  • Controlled by a Robatech Touch Panel
  • Shipping, and Re-Installation Available for Additional


2007 h+h/Gremser Glue System for Inline Card Tipping of Folded Signatures –

Contact us for more information on this late model, secondhand h+h/Gremser Integrated Card Tipping Line for Folders, Mailing equipment by clicking the blue button to the right.