ITEM #1931

2016, Ibis


Smart-Binder SB-2

Digital Print Variable Data Saddle Stitcher with Optional Digital Finishing Line

Ibis Integrated Bindery Systems can be used in-line with a digital printer; from a pre-printed roll and web cutter; or offline from a high-pile sheet feeder. Best Graphics is the North American importer, sales agent and parts & service supplier for Ibis Smart Binders! 

2016 Ibis Smart Binder ‘Plus HS’ SB-2 Bookletmaker with Optional Digital Finishing Line –

  • Purchased for Stock Inventory by Best Graphics! 
  • The SB-2 provides wire stitching of booklets of variable pages and variable data
  • Produce high quality stitched (or patented cold glued) and 3-sided trimmed books at up to 7,000 booklets per hour
  • Unlike competitors, the Smart-binder folds sheets individually to ensure a better book quality
  • Includes Cover Feeder Module (CIF-102) with Auto-loader Module (AL-101)
  • Includes 2D Barcode Reading Capability with Integrated Sheet and Book Data Tracking to Ensure Book Integrity
  • Includes 52/8 Stitch Heads
  • Includes 120-days Parts & Labor
  • Option to Remove, 2-In-1, hybrid Pile Feeder with Transport Section [if Feeding from a Roll/Unwinder]
  • Optional, ’15 Hunkeler Unwinder (UW6), ’07 Cutter (CS6) and ’08 Stacker (LS6) [if Printing from a Roll]
  • Terms: Includes Installation, Operator Training and 120-day Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Shipment, Installation and Training Available for Additional!


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