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Quick Set-up Top Blanking Tool

The New Impulse® Blanking System –

Setup is simple and fast: Lock the tool into the upper blanking frame with all pushers on ImpulseBCN in collapsed state. With the bottom blanking frame in registered position in the press, the pushers located over the pieces to be blanked are activated by simply pushing them up from below the blanking station until they click into their extended operating position. Ready to run!

  • Quick Set-up Top Blanking Tool
  • Saves Tool Cost, Set-up Time, and Storage Space
  • Use with Universal & Job Specific Bottom Blanking Tools
  • Eject Blanks w/o having Job Specifie Top Blanking Tool Cost
  • Utilize when delivering Die Cut sheets in Blanking Station


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Impulse BCN photoImpulse BCN photo
Impulse BCN photo