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Magnet Inserter + Hard Cover Liner System

Zechini Magneton + Roby One BOX Nearline Solution for Magnets – 

Our Zechini Magenton + Roby One BOX solution is designed to suit customers who need to insert magnets into previously turned in hard cover cases. In an automatic way, client’s can now insert up to (4) magnets into a cover, while utilizing the glue from the inside liner, to keep magnets in a secure, hidden position.

Both are small in footprint, and can be easily re-located around your shop floor. When not used in tandem, both machines, the Magneton and the Roby One BOX, can function independently.  When not utilizing the Roby One BOX for inside cover lining work, operator’s can “mount” nearly any two substrates together: Setup Boxes and Trays to 3- and 4-Panel Covers, Gameboards, Diploma Covers, Display Easels, Photo Albums, CD/DVD Trays, etc.

Magneton + Roby One BOX Technical Specs – 

  • Max. Number of Round Magnets Placed Automatically: 4 per Pass
  • Magnet’s Diameter: 12mm | .047″
  • Magnet’s Thickness: 1.8mm  or 2mm | .07″ or .078″
  • Magneton Registers On both Lead Edge and Tail for Perfect Placement
  • Covers Transfer from Magneton to Roby One BOX via Transport Table
  • Automatic Feeder On Roby One BOX Mounts Liners Onto Previously Turned Covers
  • Glue Style: Cold; Hot for Add’l Price
  • Automatic Roller Press After Inside Liner Has Been Mounted
  • Exits Onto a Table; Stacker for Add’l Price
  • Standard Configuration: 19.68 x 27.55″ Max.
  • XL Configuration: 23.62 x 39.37″ Max. – Add’l $15,000 USD Upgrade
  • Includes: Installation, Training & Parts Warranty
  • Shipping Priced Separately – Inquire Today!


For more information on our Nearline Automatic Magnet Insertion process click here, and a Best Graphics’ Sales Representative will contact you direct.

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