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Folder Gluer with Versa Fold


Late Model ’14 Moll Regal Folder Gluer with Versa Fold and Compression Stacker

  • Ideal for Pocket Folders, Multi-Panel Mailers, Straight-Line applications, Key Cards, and Other Unique Folded and Glued Jobs!
  • Approx. Machine Working Width: 32″
  • (1) Traditional Pile Feeder; Optional “Roll Away” Continuous Feeder with Vacuum Wheel Available for Additional
  • Approximately 3 1/2′ of Transport Space from Feeder to Fold Plate
  • (1) Versa Fold Module –¬†Approx. 9′ of Additional Transport Space
  • (1) Dynatec Dyna-Mini (2) Gun/Hose Glue System; Optional Second System Available for Additional
  • (1) Compression Delivery/Pressing Stacker
  • Tipper Plate with Dual Anti-Marking Rollers, Misc. Plows, Swords, Carriers, Tools and Manuals
  • Available for Additional: Multiple B&R Moll Double-Sided Tape Applicators
  • Available for Additional: Straight Shooter R-12D Friction Feeder to Tip/Affix Credit Cards
  • Min Product Size: 5.5″ x 5.5″
  • Max Product Size: 30″ x 30″
  • Max. Linear Speed: 425 ft./min.
  • Approx. Footprint: 31- 33′ Long x 5 – 6′ Wide
  • Under Power, Northeast
  • Terms: As Inspected, Where Is
  • Dismantle, Skidding, Loading, and Shipping Prices Available for Additional Upon Request


For more information on this pre-owned, late model, 2014 B&R Moll Regal Pocket Folder Gluer with Versa Fold, click the “Get More Info” button to the right, or view the product brochure below:

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Best Graphics_Moll Regal with Versa Fold