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Front Paper Loading System

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New Itotec RFL1.4 Front Paper Feed Loading System –

  • Feed Paper while peeling off mill wrapper
  • Front Gripper Paper Feeding System for Right or Left Side
  • Auto Table Lifter Rises after Stock is Pulled Off
  • Continuous Air Between Sheets for Separation
  • Max Sheet Size: 35.43 x 51.18″
  • Max Paper Height per Bundle: 6.49″
  • Min Paper Height per Bundle: 1.18″
  • Table Height: 33.46 – 37.40″
  • Table Lifter Size: 36.61 x 53.14″
  • Table Size: 55.18 x 39.37″
  • Includes: 1-Year Parts Warranty
  • Couple with our RSL 3.1 Side Loading System for Cost and Time Savings


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Itotec RFL 1.4 Front Loading System