New, Itotec


RSL 3.1

Left or Right Hand Loader

  • Max Sheet Size

    35.43 x 51.18" (for 137)

  • Max Sheet Size

    31.49 x 43.30" (for 115)

  • Max Paper Height

    6.49" (Full Capacity Height of the Itotec Cutter)

  • Min Paper Height


  • Paper Feed Time

    14 Seconds

  • Complete Cycle Time

    32 Seconds

  • Warranty

    Includes Manufacture 3-Year Parts Warranty

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New Itotec RSL 3.1 Side Loading Rear Paper Feed Loading System –

While the operator works at the Paper Cutter, the next lift waits in the stock space.

  • Single Person Operation and Space Saving
  • Paper Feed from the Front and Sent to the Rear
  • Rational and Compact “L” Shape Layout
  • Powerful and Smooth Single Chuck Transfer
  • Left or Right Side Layout


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