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5-Clamp Hand-Fed Perfect Binder

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  • Mechanical Speed

    500 – 2,000 Cycles Per Hour

  • Product Height

    110 – 430 mm | 4.33" – 16.93"

  • Product Width

    105 – 320 mm | 4.13" – 12.60"

  • Product Thickness

    2 – 70 mm | 0.08" – 2.76"

Wohlenberg Quickbinder 5-Clamp Perfect Binder –

With the Quickbinder, versatility meets innovation. Whether you’re working with hotmelt, dispersion, or PUR (roller + nozzle), this universal adhesive binder has got you covered. Its unique ability to process gauzing material makes it perfect for creating book blocks or specialized brochures like Swiss-brochures and Otabind-brochures, all in one seamless process.


Compact Yet Powerful: Don’t let its small size fool you. Measuring just 4.1m in length and 1.8m in width, the Quickbinder packs all the features of an industrial perfect binder. The 5-clamp Binder built on a 9-clamp frame allows for easy in-feed by operator. It’s not just about size; it’s about efficiency and precision.


Ease of Use: With fully motorized adjustments for product thickness and envelope size, the Quickbinder ensures a hassle-free experience. The combination of motorized adjustment and a graphical interactive user interface, Navigator, makes operation simple and economical.


Versatility: Designed to meet diverse requirements, these binders provide both inline and offline solutions. From A6 to A3 (A4 landscape) and product thicknesses up to 70mm, the Quickbinder is ready for almost any production task you throw at it.


Standard Features —

  • Fully motorized regulation of all important functions for setting block thickness and cover formats
  • High-quality, high-performance spine preparation with main milling unit, multiple knife head and dust extraction system
  • Comprehensive gluing technology for selective processing of hotmelt, coldglue and PUR gluing with separate processing of spine and side gluing
  • Universal, easy-to-use rotary cover feeder for processing of 4, 6 and 8 page covers
  • Easy to use thanks to the Navigator, a graphically interactive user interface


Choose Your Edition: Tailored to your specific needs, the Quickbinder comes in three equipment variants: Edition Basic: For those who need reliability and efficiency. Edition Universal: For the all-around user who demands flexibility. Edition Digital: For the tech-savvy user looking for cutting-edge solutions.


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