ITEM #1834

2019, IBIS



Sheet Pile Feeder

$36,500 USD
  • Sheet Feed Rate

    400 sheets/min

  • Max. Pile Height



Used 2019 Ibis SB-095 Pile Feeder –

Ibis Integrated Bindery Systems can be used in-line with a digital printer, or from a pre-printed roll and web cutter or offline from a high-pile sheet feeder.

The direct-connected pile feeder SB-095 is available to allow Smart-binder dedicated off-line operation and is used to feed all ‘off-line’ Smart-binders.

The feeder may be loaded with piles of pre-collated sheets and optional loading trolley options PLT-100 and HPL-100 are available to assist loading The maximum pile height is approx. 550mm (21.65”) but actual pile heights depends on a number of factors including the amount of toner used (the top sheet must remain relatively flat).

The feeder must be stopped to reload the pile. Allow about 5 mins to reload without using the optional loading trolley, or approx. ½ min if using the loading trolley PLT-100. Each sheet should have a bar code printed on the edge.

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