ITEM #1791

2000, Busch


SWH 125 RLA (175)

31.5″ x 47.2″ Pile Turner with Aeration, Align, Jog and Increased Jaws

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  • Status

    Owned In Best Graphics Stock Inventory

  • Max. Size Format

    31.5" x 47.2"

  • Max. Pile Height (Increased)


  • Min. Pile Height (Increased)


  • Max. Carrying Weight

    2,650 lbs.

  • Paper Range

    60-350 gsm

  • Net Weight

    3,300 lbs. I Moveable by Forklift or Pallet Jack

  • Warranty

    60-Days Mechanical Parts

  • Status

    Cleaned, Painted and Tested

2000 Busch SWH 125 RLA (175) Pile Turner with Aeration, Jogging and Alignment –


  • Best Graphics is Busch’s U.S. and Canadian Distributor for Pile Turners, Banders, Conveyors and High Die Cutters! 
  • Heavy Duty Construction Pile Turner
  • Jogging Capabilities Performed in Curvy, Downward Motion Results in Less Stress on the Motor
  • Continuous Adjustable Air for Dust Removal, Separation of Sheets, or Drying


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