New!, Busch


SF-BS Series

Waste Conveyor for Flatbed Die Cutters

$10,800* USD
  • Conveying Height

    145 cm (57.1")

  • Transport Length

    140 cm (55.1") | 190 cm (74.8")

  • Width of Belt

    65 cm (25.6")

  • Warranty

    12-Month Parts Warranty

Busch Waste Conveyor  for Flatbed Die Cutters –

  • For Removal of Scrap Conveyed Into Bins, Containers
  • High Quality Rust-less Steel Frame Construction
  • Running Perpendicular, and Delivering to the Non Operators Side of the Purchasers Flat Bed Die Cutter
  • Gaylord/Container for Waste Collection is the Responsibility of the Purchaser


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*Stated price is for a SF-145/65-140 BS (57.1″), increased size formats result in increased price