New!, Young Shin


Revotec 145SB

40″ x 57″ Flatbed Die Cutter with Blanker

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New! Young Shin REVOTEC 145SB “Hybrid” Die Cutter with Stripping and Blanking Capabilities –

Best Graphics Group are North American Sales Agents for Young Shin Die Cutters with Stripping, Blanking and Foil Stamping –

When Stripping: Sheets Deliver to End of Press

When Blanking: Sheets Deliver Down, In Middle of Press, and Eject to the Non-Ops Side

Max. Sheet Size                        57.09″ x 40.15″

Min. Sheet Size                        27.55″ 19.68″

Paper Substrates                     .004″ – .060″

Corrugated Board                   Up to .158″

Max. Speed                               6,000 Sheets/Hour

Cutting Pressure                     
500 US Tons

Machine Weight                       42 US Tons

Manufactured                           In South Korean

Warranty                                  24-Months

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