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Offline Blanking Systems

Since 1982

Laserck off-line blanking systems are cost effective for short run jobs, one time jobs, and complex constructions because there is no blanking tool cost, setup is simple and takes only minutes, and they work with nearly all diecut jobs with scrap removed on a standard diecutter with stripping station. They also work with many diecut jobs without internal scrap stripped. The Laserck systems offered by Best Graphics Group are available in three main configurations incorporating various amounts of automation that affect productive output, including ability to process the output of diecutters of all manufacturers, and handle jobs that cannot be effectively blanked via a diecutter with blanking.Master Blanker UT | 2-3PalletsPerHour | 30SecondCycleTime | NotoolingCost | OneOperator | ManualLoading/Scraping/Unloading

Master Blanker BLK | Upto5PalletsPerHour | AutomatedPalletizer | NoToolingCosts | OneOperatorAutomatedOperation | 3-5MinuteMakeready | ManualScrapping | OptionalLateralConveyorfordeliveryof IML Labels and hard-to-stack products

Master Blanker CBL | Upto8PalletsPerHour | AutomatedPalletizer | NoToolingCosts | OneOperatorAutomatedOperation | 3-5MinuteMakeready | InlineScrapRemoval

With over 100 systems installed worldwide, Laserck is the premier supplier of quality automated of offline blanking systems.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Single operator yields 5-8 skids/hour
  • 3-5 Minute makeready
  • Automated infeed (2 3/4″ Lifts)
  • Automated palletizer
  • Manual stacking (option)
  • No blanking tooling cost
  • Five times more productive than hand blanking
  • Ergonomically Friendly
  • Cleaner operating environment


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