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Since 1980

Omega continues to deliver superior folding carton and
corrugated machinery, producing at speeds of 300, 400,
and in excess of 600, meters per minute. Omega Folder/
Gluers have been manufactured in Europe by Duran
Machinery for over 30 years. U.S. installations of Omega
Folder/Gluers total over 100.

Best Graphics Group imports the Omega line of Folder/
Gluers from Duran Machinery. Omega Folder/Gluers
incorporate innovative design, best in quality materials,
Siemens drives, and other well known electronic
controls. Omega’s are designed for high speed with side
register control for accurate, high speed cartonwork,
heavy-duty single fi nger back fold construction for 4- and
6-corner cartons, servo-driven nick-breaking on Omega
Allpro units available with 180º carton rotation inline.
Omega’s modular design systems can be economically
adapted to produce 4 + 6-corner applications,
providing a system that can grow with your production

Best known in packaging circles, Omega has gained
signifi cant market share in Europe, and continues to
grow in popularity in the U.S.

Key benefits:
• 30 year-old European manufacturer
• Market leader, and innovator in Europe
• High quality — high performance
• Quick setup — easy to operate
• U.S. – based parts and service support
• Excellent price points

Key features:
• 5/8″–1″ thick steel side frames
• World class electronics, controls and motors
• Oversized steel nickel plated shafts
• Oil-less shaft bushings
• Servo back fold control
• Precise side register controls
• Servo-driven single finger back fold (optional)
• Formats (cm): 55, 70, 80, 90, 110, 145, 200, 230

Omega All Pro Folder/Gluer | The Omega line includes: • Intro Series, up to 400 meters/min 4+6 with servo control, side register; • All Pro Series, 400-600 meters/min 4+6 with 24/7 design; • Hi-Line Series, 400-600 meters/min 4+6 with 24/7 design; • Magnus Series, 250 meters/min 4+6 with 24/7 design;

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