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Digital Finishing Solutions

Since 1977

Best Graphics Group represents THERM-O-TYPE Corporation’s finishing solutions for short to medium run length cut, crease and score applications. THERM-O-TYPE for nearly 40 years has designed quality thermography and foil stampers equipment for the graphic arts industry; most recently adding a complete line of finishing equipment well suited for short-medium run Cut | Crease | Perf and Score applications along with a 14.75″ x 20″ format magnetic cylinder rotary die cutter for conventional and digital die cutting.

Fastest in class, all THERM-O-TYPE’s ZIP Series Slitter/Cutter/Creasers are at least twice as productive producing business cards than their closest rivals.
With higher capacity feeders and the utmost flexibility for in-line scoring, slitting and perforating, the ZIP Series offers unmatched accuracy and ease of operation… and are ideally suited to finish a wide range of digital products.

Key features (Zip A3E Pro):
• 14.75″ x 20″ maximum sheet size
• 1.7″ minimum cut off
• 1″ minimum slit width
• Windows operating system
• 500 job set-up programmability
• In-line slit, semi-slit, perf and score
• High capacity feeder (13.5″)
• Up to 750 business cards per minute

In addition to the ZIP-A3E Pro, Thermotype produces the ZIP-CSCL Pro and the ZIP-TS2L Mark IV digital finishers providing the fastest, most durable, strongest line up of capabilities of any manufacturer.

Therm-O-Type Zip A3E Pro | RAS-MC + Right angle slitter | Zip-CSCL Pro

The ZIP-CSCL Pro offers Slit/Crease/Cut capability as well as strike perfing, semi slitting, and hole punching option.

The most capable machine in the series is the TS2L Mark IV. The TS2L Mark IV offers all of the above capabilities plus round cornering, bindery punching, profile die cutting and blind embossing with the T1 multi-tool.

Equipped with the T1 multi-tool option, the TS2L Mark
IV is the only digital finishing machine that can combine up to three programmable tooling functions, as well as guillotine cutting, in-line stripping, scoring, perforating and/or semi slitting in a single pass through the machine.

If right angle slitting is required, THERM-O-TYPE’s offer a very versatile solution, the RAS-MC/+ right angle slitter. With a maximum sheet size of 14.33 x 20.5”, the RAS- MC/+ is a very fast, quick change over machine that can precisely slit products such as business cards, post cards and any other square edge product that fits the sheet size.

With quick change slitter cassettes or auto adjust cassettes, product size change is very fast. This can give you maximum output and efficiency.

The new RDC-Flex magnetic Cylinder die cutter incorporates THERM-O-TYPES patented parallel slot score design technology, coupled with quick set-up magnetic die simplicity, for the ultimate in quality, short to medium run digital or conventional die cutting.

The RDC-Flex includes as standard quick change waste stripping assemblies, eliminating down time necessary on competitive machines, and the RDC-Flex offers a high capacity feeder and extended 48” delivery conveyor to allow quick batch sort capability.

Therm-O-Type Zip-TS2L | RDC-Flex Rotary Die Cutter

Key features (RDC-Flex):
• 14.33″ x 20.5″ maximum sheet size
• Centerline paper path
• On-the-fly horizontal/vertical registration
• Die/Cylinder registration system
• 500 job set-up programmability
• In-line slit, semi-slit, perf and score
• High capacity feeder (13.5″)

Well known for over 40 years, producing durable, operator friendly, “easily supportable” equipment, THERM-O-TYPE’s entire line of finishing equipment is well designed and engineered for years of trouble-free operation.

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