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Perfect Binders

Since 1946

Best Graphics Group exclusively represents the entire Wohlenberg Perfect Bindery product line in North America.

For over 65 years, Wohlenberg has been a global leader in development and manufacture of high quality perfect binders. Wohlenberg invented the first industrial perfect binder, the first in-line three knife trimmer and the first integrated foredge trimming system. Well known for their quality worldwide, all lines perform to the highest quality demands and require minimal floor space.

Unique features include: Wohlenberg patented Foredge Trimming system (VSS) allowing single pass gatefold production, Integrated modular space saving glue systems (EVA and PUR) with recirculation, minimizing waste, and providing quicker changeover; unique gathering line design options that minimize product transfer, and maximize speed…..and a vertical transport system allowing 90°-180° placement of gathering line
to binder minimizing space requirements and maximum layout flexibility.

Best Graphics – Wohlenberg Product Overview

The product line consists of four distinct machine models:

City/City e | 4,000/5,000/6,000/Hour (15-Clamp), Manual or Fully Automated set-up, 90° - 180° Placement of Gatherer/Binder, Highest Quality Smallest Footprint, 1/8” – 2” Thick

Quick Binder | 2,000/Hour hand feed, Fully Automated set-up, EVA and PUR, Superior high quality production for short-run and small editions, 1/8” – 2-1/2” Thick

Three Knife Trimmers || Trim Tec 45i Manual set-up | 900 – 2,700 Cycles per Hour || Trim Tec 60e Automated set-up | 500 – 3,600 Cycles per Hour || Trim Tec 90e Automated set-up | 500 – 5,400 Cycles per HourVento | 7,000/Hour (18-Clamp), Fully Automated set-up, 90o – 180o Placement of Gatherer Binder, 3 spine prep stations, Gauzing capability, Foredge trim system (Patented), Rotary or Stream cover feeder, 1/8” – 2-1/2” Thick || Phoenix | 9,000/Hour (23 – 30 Coated Clamps), Fully Automated set-up, 4 spine prep stations for hot melt, cold glue and PUR, Gauzing Capability, Foredge Trim System, Rotary or Stream Cover Feeder, 1/8” – 3”

Gatherers || Sprinter/Streamer | Manual or Automated set-up, Winjector (Patented) vacuum system, Vertical product transport (Highest production to rated speed in the industry)

Wohlenberg’s unique capabilities, automation technology, flexible layouts, proven performance and unquestioned quality put it in the upper class of new perfect binder technology.

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