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Best Graphics has more than 400 customer references available by equipment type, or area of the country. Below are a few examples of what our customers are saying. Looking for a specific machine testimonial? No problem!

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“Thanks for getting this done so quickly. The new [Itotec eRC-137 Auto-trim] Cutter is working well and the operators are enjoying their new machine not worrying if each cut will be the last. I appreciate the help during the past month or two.” Brady Corporation, New York 

“Everything is working well. It was much easier to install than I anticipated. The [Japanese equipment] appears to be well built and engineered. So far it’s proving to be a much better value than other models out on the market.” Fong & Fong Printers, California

“As always, a pleasure dealing with candid, common sense folks.” Cambridge Pacific, New York 

“The pile turner is running great. I wish I had bought it years ago.” Professional Printing & Packaging, Oklahoma

“I’m glad to respond to your request for an “endorsement letter”, because frankly, we love the machine you sold us.” “As far as service, you have been very cordial and very accommodating.” “I appreciate the way you folks at Best Graphics respond and make yourselves available.” Singles Plus Printing, Illinois

“All in all, the machine has exceeded my expectations.” “Your tech support has been very good; I’ve gotten a quick response from your technicians every time I called”. “I’d rate Best Graphics service very highly.”  I enjoy working with Best Graphics and would definitely buy from you again”. Dillon Bindery, Wisconsin 

Glad to respond to your query, we love the machine and love the service!” “Follow-up service has been great – your rep gave us his direct line and he always follows up.” “You folks have been spectacular.”  “The follow-through and the “take care” factor have been excellent.” “I can assure you, I’m going to be buying from Best Graphics again.” Plum Grove Printers, Illinois

“Dan you were very friendly and knowledgeable. And before even accepting a sale, you insisted that I go see the machine in action and talk to the guy who makes his livelihood on it.” “That really says a lot, Best Graphics has been very helpful.” “I would certainly be happy to do business with you guys again.” RT Associates, Inc., Illinois

Service and response from both you and Duplo has been terrific.”  “I give both my highest rating; I should mention that Jeff Weis at Best Graphics has always taken my call or called back within 20 minutes.” If this level of service is indicative of how you always do business, you can be I’ll definitely be buying more equipment from you.” Schiele Group, Illinois

Your sales rep was a major factor in the buying process.” “I really enjoy working with guys who have the true veteran experience in the printing business and aren’t just reading off features from a brochure.” “When we talked about specific job runs or the mechanical side of the Duplo, his knowledge and assistance made the decision that much easier to buy the Duplo.”  Crossmark Printing Inc., Illinois

“All in all, a great product and great service.” “Were looking forward to continuing to work with you.” Advance Printing, Wisconsin

My training rep from Best Graphics was extremely helpful – perfect, in fact.”  “If there’s ever a problem or question, he gets right away or within a half-hour, tops.” “Your service has been outstanding.” “You and your reps have always worked with me on anything I’ve asked and gone out of your way to take care of things.” “It’s been great doing business.” I certainly look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.” Badger Press, Wisconsin

“You and your staff at Best Graphics are taking good care of us.” “If there’s a problem, you’re right there for me, either over the phone or coming right down or next day.” “Your advice is always very straightforward and you take responsibility for the products you sell.” “I would absolutely do business with you again.” You’ve gotten me through a lot of tough times.” Binnings Bindery, Illinois

“I don’t expect the demands on our facility to diminish any time soon, so it sure helps to have the right tools to do the job.” “ Thanks again for your help, Dan.” State of WI Publishing Services, Wisconsin



“Our new Osako is as user-friendly as anything out there.”
“We’ve had no service issues”. “I think Osako is just as good and as productive as the No. 1 brand and for a lot less money” “My guys are trained on the Osako and they love it”.
“I’ll take an Osako over whatever else is out there anytime”. Lithographix, California

“We were looking for something that was web-friendly, something that will handle tabloids efficiently, and can run with or without lap”. “Our previous stitcher was a bottleneck in terms of handling forms off the web” “The Osako runs front, reverse or with no lip with no problems”. “Before buying the Osako, we took some hard-to-run work to a installation in New Hampshire. Running some of the toughest jobs we had, faster and without a hitch that was what sold us”. “The machine is very operator-friendly and we train people with no trouble at all.  Setups are a lot quicker with the automated touch screen. The automation sure is nice…it make everything easier to use and quicker. My operators love the Osako”. “The machine runs faster and just doesn’t jam.  We are able to feed signatures at a higher production speed for virtually every type of signature we run”. “We didn’t run a second shift before…but because the machine is so operator friendly and easy to run, we have no second shift issues” “You really went to bat for us on installation and support”. Martin Printing Co., South Carolina

“We needed a stitcher that would absolutely do a great job for us on this publication – something with good, strong stitch heads, a solid 3-knife trimmer and reliable, powerful feed system to handle the pub’s ½ inch bulk and thickness”. “The machine is built solidly.  We simply couldn’t run these big jobs on a wimpy machine.  The feeders are very smooth and sturdy, and the tilt-back feature gives us a lot of flexibility for tough signatures”. “Misfeeds are rare and you don’t have to jigger with the setup all the time”. “Looking past the hardware, what really impresses me is the good people at Best Graphics”. “The training from you folks has been fantastic”. “The people you sent up are very knowledgeable and helpful”. “I’m very happy. Best Graphics is a class act.  The service has been great; you’ve been very supportive and very professional.  You guys deliver a lot of value added. I just couldn’t ask for a better organization to work with, and for me, that’s the most important thing”. The Prolific Group, Winnipeg

“In addition to the solid build of the machine, the cover is a huge plus for us.  We are able to produce so much more without the need for pre-scoring for pre-folding.  We rarely have a problem with jams, even with lighter stock, and the ability to make adjustments while the machine is running is especially helpful.  The Estar’s cover feeder has saved us ton of time and money in the short time we have owned it”. “I had one experience with Best Osako Service/Support, and I was blown away by the speed and professionalism with which the matter was handled”. I could not be happier with our decision to purchase an Osako, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.  My next stitcher purchase will most definitely be and Osako”. Color Express, Alabama

“A number of things come to mind They’re easier to set up.  They’re more operator-friendly.  Adjustments are simple and once you set them up, they just go”. “We’re easily running 1-1/2 or 2 times the speed of our older stitcher on top of the makeready time savings”. “Our main first shift thinks the world of our new Estar’s”. “Bob, you, Gary and Frank have done excellent service, training and installation for us on the Estar stitchers”.  “I am the only maintenance guy in the shop of 85 people, from my perspective, the Estar’s are fantastic, because I don’t have to work on them. They don’t break down”. “These stitchers are just what we needed.  We do web and sheetfed work…mostly high-end magazines, very high quality”. “It’s been good working with you”. Commerce Printing, Sacramento, CA

“It had as much or more capability as anything else we saw”. “I really like the cover deck.  It can run anything from heavyweight cover to 60lb offset sheet, score and fold it and have it come out perfectly square.  We even use it to fold some difficult signatures of other printers, like a newsprint 24 pager folded to create a 48 pager”. “An outstanding feature, the individual air pumps generate plenty of vacuum to feed both heavy and lightweight signatures.  No pocket is starved for vacuum with this system”. “The 368 is ruggedly built and designed to eliminate maintenance”. Your support has been phenomenal. With your training, both our experienced and inexperienced operators really picked up the machine quickly”. Delzer Lithograph Co., Waukesha, WI

“The amazing thing is that we’re doing it with just three people on the whole production line.  They’re doing the work it used to take five or six to do, and they’re accomplishing it twice as fast”. “We’ve basically quadrupled our production”. “I like the cover feeder extremely well – it’s just an excellent unit and will handle just about anything we throw at it – everything from lightweight 40-lb. text to heavyweight cover”. “Best Graphics is truly a quality conscience Company.  Your support has been excellent”. You’ve responded quickly to anything we’ve needed”. Watkins Printing Company, Ohio

“As our Company’s president, I always buy the best piece of equipment I can afford, whether it’s a press, pre-press, or whatever.  In this case it was a real pleasure, because the best equipment was actually less money than the competition”. “We are running 3 shifts and the Osako Tener Alpha is our primary machine on every shift”. “The cover and folder feeder is one of the best features on the Osako…very well engineered and it runs seamlessly.  Because there are almost no misfeeds, it’s a big time money saver.  The lightweight, coated catalog stock we run jams much less frequently than any other manufacture’s machines we’ve owned”. “The Osako’s running speed is outstanding.  It consistently outperforms our other machine by 30% or more”.  “Our service experience with Best Graphics was awesome.  You came in and had us running in 5 days.  When there have been little things or questions, you’ve been right on it.  And I’m happy to report; we haven’t had a single major problem with the machine”. “We would definitely do business with Best Graphics again”. “I don’t think there’s a outfit we work with that we like more”. Cummings, New Hampshire

“One part of the machine that really contributes is the cover feeder.  Jobs we used to have to run off-line, we now easily run in-line.  It’s a tremendous time-saver”. Alexander Clark Printing, Idaho

“The setup time and ease of use of the machine in great.  The tilt pockets have really proven to be an advantage in running envelopes, circulars, odd size pieces and many other items.  The machine is much easier to set up and get where we need to be.  You don’t need a guy looking for special tools and wrenches and crawling around the machine to get it set up”. “The ability to make adjustments on the fly is a big plus.  When we’re dropping in return envelopes or ad inserts, that’s really a nice feature”. “When you go from lighter to heavier stocks, having the individual air pumps is great.  It has allowed us to feed a wide variety of signatures and stocks with a simple adjustment and run with practically no misfeeds”. “The service has been phenomenal”. “You’d be the first person we’d like to talk to if we added another machine because of the knowledge, confidence, integrity and honesty you’ve shown”.

“I am writing to thank you for providing us with a fantastic machine in addition to top-of-the-line customer service”. “The recognized names are what my production guys were comfortable with, and they seemed resistant to change.  We finally looked at an Osako when your “100% Customer Loyalty” statement caught my eye – certainly warranted further consideration”. “The Estar has been a home run with my crew…We have doubled our production”. “I had initial reservations about training and service on the machine, I am happy to report that neither have been a issue.  There was no training necessary, and I have yet to have a major service issue.  In fact, we have experienced zero down time, including when the stitcher was installed.  Your installation team volunteered to come in over the weekend, and we didn’t miss a beat in production”. “I have been in business for over 40 years, and only one other company has impressed me as much as Best Osako. We are absolutely thrilled with the stitcher and your customer service, and I now understand how you have maintained 100% Customer loyalty”. “We only plan to look at Osako for our future needs”. Tobay Printing, New York

“I investigate both Osako and Muller Martini.  After seeing both, I definitely preferred the Osako.  In my opinion, The Osako performed as well or better than the Muller, and it unquestionably had a better warranty”. “We do a wide variety of thick and thin books at our shop, in a lot of different sizes, big and small and everything in between.  We’re a trade printer and get a lot of challenging jobs, of them combining different-sized form into one job”. “We hardly ever get any rejects or misfeeds”. “The learning curve to operate the stitcher was very short and simple”. “As far as support, Best Graphics was great.  Dealing with you was a pleasure”. “Your installation and training guys came in here promptly, set up the machine and conducted the training sessions very smoothly and professionally”. B&Z Printing, California

“We looked at both the Tener and Estar models and concluded that for the price and compatibility, The Best Osako’s were are best bet”. “The service was phenomenal – You couldn’t ask for better”. “We couldn’t be happier with the pricing, installation and follow-through. Your people were working here all weekend”. “We probably average 8,000 pieces per hour, which I think is fantastic for real-world production speed”. “My operators are really happy with the machine.  It’s something that’s very easy to learn, run and maintain”. The Printer Inc., Iowa

“This is our second Osako Stitcher. We’ve been running our first Osako, a model 360 for over 17 years, and never had a major repair”. “The tilt back feeder is pretty unique – It can smaller, larger, wider than any other feeder in its class of stitcher.  It’s a plus, because you don’t have running delays and it doesn’t get in the way.  Also, it can move from auto feeding to hand feeding without any delays”. “Our second shift operator learned to run the machine in one day, without a hitch”. “The new Osako appears to be just as reliable as our old one.” “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone needing a highly automated saddle stitcher that delivers ease of operation plus excellent productivity and value. Especially after having no major problems over the last seventeen years”. TruLIne Litho, Wisconsin

“Now we run consistently at near 10,000/hr.” “The tilt-back feeders are great for hand feed operations; and the cover feeder is so terrific, we sometimes us it just for scoring because it does such a nice job” Reminder Printing, Wisconsin

“The running is excellent and the machine is very easy to set-up and use.  Importantly, it also gives us a lot of versatility and flexibility to run a wide variety of sizes and stocks”. “As far as actual performance, the machine was making money for us right away and saving us a lot of production problems”. “The tilt back feeders offer a lot of versatility.  You can run all six feeders with the cover feeder and have seven stations, or run just some, or tilt back the feeders and easily hand-feed.   It’s just a very, very flexible machine”. “What’s really nice about the 368 is that we can perform twice the amount of work in one shift that we used to do in two.  Setup on the machine is amazingly quick and we don’t have to do separate steps for scoring and side trimming.  It’s all done in one step”. “On the phone, our Best technical guy is right there for us with answers”.  Follow-up service is excellent”. “We always go back to suppliers we trust”. “You did a lot more for us than sell”. JK  Creative Printers, Illinois

“I am pleased with the performance of my new Osako saddle stitcher, Let me remind you that this is my 12th Osako, Does that tell you anything”? “We love the machine, We run our Osako’s pretty much flat out over two 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week.  We hardly ever see downtime on these machines, even the first one I bought in 1978”. “The machine is rated for 12,000 books per hour and we typically get 10,000 to 11,000 in the real world, which I think is excellent”. “Great speed, great quality.  My operators love ‘em.  What more can I say”? “In all honesty, these machines just don’t seem to want to break down”. Ross Bindery, Los Angeles, California

“The machine has performed flawlessly since your people installed it”. “We had no reason to expect anything less, since this is our second Osako , we have also been happily running an Osako 225 for about 20 years”. “We run the 368 stitcher on two shifts plus weekend work, so it doesn’t get much rest.  It’s smooth, fast and accurate”. “We were basically productive on the machine right away.  The Osako is so user-friendly; we were up and running literally in hours”. “We’ve been averaging 10,000 plus books per hour.  We looked at a number of other stitchers and in my opinion; the Best/Osako gave us the best value, quality and versatility.  It’s like a fine Swiss watch – I don’t think anything can touch it for the money”. “You and your people have been great as far as delivery, setup and training support.  Your nationwide service network was a major factor in our buying decision”. Meadowland’s Bindery, New Jersey

“The Osako was better for us all around – price, features, speed, ease of setup, everything”. “We purchased our first Osako in 1976 and have had very good luck with it.  These Osako machines seem to run forever”. “The new AutoSet automation makes everything so much easier and faster.  Setups that used to take us 2-3- minutes now seem more or less instantaneous”. “Another feature we like is changing pocket size on the fly.  On older machines, we had to stop the machine, then adjust the pockets, then start up again.  This feature works great for opening or sizing the signatures.  You just dial it in while the machine is running, no stopping”. “The tilt back features are a real time saver.  For those times when the signatures are too thick to run from the pocket, we pre-collate, then just tilt back the feeders and drop the signatures on by hand”. “We run both high and low folio.  Typically, envelopes and reply cards we run could come with the lip in front or the lip in the back.  You’re at the mercy of whoever designed the envelope.  You can run these a lot better with the Hi/Lo system”. “Best Graphics service has been excellent.  You guys respond immediately, which is very important to us”. “The Osako has worked out so well for us, we plan to replace or add more 368’s down the road”. Speedy Bindery, California

“Our older model served us beautifully for over 25 years, but we wanted to upgrade our stitcher to incorporate some new features and technology”. “Our installation went seamless, and your people were very thorough.  My operators were trained and ready to go in a couple of days.  We were up and running very quickly, and I appreciate the lack of interruption in our overall operations”. “I have had one recent experience with Best Graphics Service/Customer Support, and I can’t say enough about Gary in your Service department.  He was right on top of it”. “I was extremely impressed with the response time, and I am comforted knowing that if there is a problem, it will be addressed immediately, professionally and with as little down-time as possible”. “Overall the people at Best Graphics have been exceptional to work with”. “I can honestly say that if we put in another stitcher, it will absolutely be an Osako”. Cullen Bindery, Washington

“Bob, you were very forthright and honest and dealing with us, and the sales support has been exceptional.  You’ve got a good group of guys….always right on top of things….very knowledgeable”. “The set-up is definitely faster than our previous machine.  We needed a machine to run 30lb newsprint at a minimum of 9,000 per hour.  It’s a real tight timeline on producing books”. “It’s a very versatile machine.  I would say, “more a machine that meets your needs than you having to meet its”.  We’re loading 40-pound stacks and it feeds real consistently.  The way the machine sets up is a very simple procedure”. “In summary, is I was going to buy another machine, I’d buy an Osako instead of the other guys”. “We’re very happy.  I’m pleased I did business with your Company”. Gannett Offset, Missouri

“I am writing to thank you for introducing Bridgetown Printing to Osako Saddestitchers.  We recently purchased an Estar model from you and we couldn’t be happier with the final product”. “We have many binding challenges – from the thickness of the books we stitch to the diverse materials our clients require”. “The Estar handles all of them satisfying our customer’s quick-turnaround requirements”. “We have also been satisfied with Best Osako’s Customer service.  The install was timely and well done, and customer service and support have also been very helpful when needed”. “You have been a pleasure to work with, and we appreciate everything you have done for us”. Bridgetown Printing Company, Oregon

“The new 12,000/Hr. Tener model minimizes our makeready to a fraction of the previous time for set-up and achieving consistent high speed operation is enhanced via new mechanical / electrical controls and newly implemented automation”. “We had great success with our older 70’s Consolidated/Osako but after 2 – 3 shifts over 30 years it was time to upgrade.  We currently are staffing our new Osako 3 shifts and productivity overall has been increased by 30 – 40%”. Forum Communications, North Dakota

“The addition of the Osako has nearly cut our prior makeready times in half, the Cover Feeder has saved us significantly and the set up time on our 4th and 5th knife work is now a third of the time it used to take”.  “Consistent running speeds are up and our goals are to increase them another 25%”. Woodward Printing, Wisconsin