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1998, Busch



13″ x 15″ High Die Cutter with Counter Pressure

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  • Max. Punch Format

    12.99" x 15.15"

  • Min. Punch Format

    5.11" x7.083"

  • Max. Pile Height


  • Speed

    Up to 400,000 SPH

  • Punching Pressure

    25,000 lbs

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1998 Busch CL 13″ x 15″ High Die Cutter with Counter Pressure —

Enhance your production capabilities with the advanced CL High Die Cutter, designed for superior performance in large format processing up to 330 x 380 mm. This powerhouse features an innovative light barrier system for activating the cutting stroke, ensuring precision and safety. Upon inserting the material stack and retracting the hands from the punching area, the cutting stroke is automatically initiated, halting immediately if the light barrier is breached during operation.


Equipped with five adjustable clamping arms, the machine comes with waste slitters and holders that can be precisely positioned within the arms for optimal waste slitting based on the material, size, and shape of the product being die cut.


Accessibility is a key feature, with a sliding door at the rear for easy die and waste slitter installation, allowing access from both the control and rear sides for effortless setup.


Tailored for versatility, the die-cutter seamlessly integrates with a counter-pressure unit for cutting intricate contours on large inmould labels and similar plastic products such as PE or PP foil. For materials like paper, board, or PVC that do not require counterpressure, a delivery tray replaces the counter-pressure device, with a changeover time of approximately 30 minutes.


The system incorporates a pneumatic mobile counter-pressure unit, connecting to a compressed air supply. This unit features a specially crafted die with a movable matrix for counter-pressure cutting, ensuring materials are precisely held and stabilized during the hydraulic cutting process. After cutting, the finished product is automatically returned to the feeding tray by the pneumatic cylinder for easy removal.


While the counter-pressure device is required for die cutting PP or PE foil materials, particularly for large-sized inmould labels and similar products. Utilizing the counter-pressure unit significantly reduces material stretching or displacement, enhancing the quality and precision of the cutting process.


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Location // Germany

Status // Under Power

Availability // Immediate

Terms // Skidded & Loaded

For Additional // Shipping & Installation


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Located in Hamburg, Germany, Busch has specialized in the production of Pile Turners, Banders, Waste Conveyors, and High Die Cutters for over four decades. Globally, over 15,000 Busch machines have been installed, with Best Graphics successfully selling more than 250 of these innovative machines.


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