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Two Handed Operation for safety

Hand-Held Stripping Devices (Leigh, United Kingdom) —


Cartostrip, Ltd. was launched in 2008 and its initial production model was introduced to the market in early 2010. The Cartostrip product is manufactured exclusively in the firm’s United Kingdom plant, adhering to the highest standards of safety, durability and reliability. The benefits of the Cartostrip product have been recognized within the folding carton and corrugated industries on a global basis and have been heralded as a significant advancement to the goals of higher productivity, reduced waste and greater operator safety. In 2014, the Cartostrip Compact was launched and stands as the pinnacle of performers against which all other hand-held stripping devices are measured.


Clients have cited the many advantages of the Cartostrip product and have shared comments such as, “Our firm has saved 85% of its labor cost within the time-consuming stripping process” and “The Cartostrip has saved over $91,000 in contract labor costs within this year alone”. The advantages and affordability of the Cartostrip device makes it a ‘must-have’ within today’s cost-conscience production environments.

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Corrugated board being processed