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2014 KBA Rapida 145-6 SAPC-ALV3 – around 20 million impressions

2014 KBA RA 145-6+L SAPC ALV3

Equipped with the following:

CX (board) Package

Active air-cooling for control cabinets

Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system

Extended Delivery (ALV3)

Press raise 630mm

Nonstop feeder, manual

Antistatic equipment in feeder, high performance version with side blowers

Pile entry from the front of feeder (central)

Frame for concealing hoist plate at floor level in feeder

Dust removal sheet vacuum at infeed

Printing plate thickness 0.4mm

Technotrans Inking unit temperature control incl. high-tech Combi-cooling unit, air-cooled

Hickey Picker

Roller covering for alcohol-reduced printing

CleanTronic – multi-purpose washing system for blankets and impression cylinders for conventional or UV inks

Pile exit operating side

Nonstop roller, descending delivery

KBA Powder removal

Frame for concealing hoist plate at floor level in delivery

Technotrans IPA reduction <5% incl. microfiller Beta.F

KBA VariDry BLUE IR/HotAir in delivery and extended delivery (ALV3)


Densitronic Professional measuring desk for densitometric and spectral measurements

Spectral measurement and control within the image

Pneumatic plate bending device

KBA pneumatic plate punch

original installation (July 2015)

Available: January 2021

Estimated around 20 million impressions due to plant closure in 2017. Press was warehoused until present and is being completely cleaned, checked, and will have new rollers installed before shipment. Selling price includes delivery/installation with 30 day warranty.

Best Graphics Increases Topline Revenues with Machine Sales Abroad



Best Graphics Enhances Sales Strategy with Machine Exportation to Asia, Latin America – 


The economic uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic has demanded all businesses to “pivot” in some form, or fashion; Best Graphics is no exception. Our strong Internet presence, combined with our zealous Sales staff, has allowed our organization to penetrate the equipment requirements of developing nations in Southeast Asia, and Latin America.


In the last (7) weeks alone we’ve partnered with clients on (6) projects outside the United States:


  • Indonesia – 40″ Spot U.V. Coater
  • China – 40″ Heidelberg 6-Color + Coater ;
  • India – Muller Martini 6 Feeder + Cover Saddle Stitcher;
  • Mexico – 40″ High Speed Film Laminator;
  • Argentina – 40″ Die Cutter with Stripping; and
  • Puerto Rico (Caribbean) – 30″ Continuous Feed 6/4/Knife Folder


Historically, exports make up just 3 – 5% of our annual equipment transactions. However, in a place and time where a). we’re seeing more activity from educated buyers aboard, b). Best Graphics is holding more inventory from equipment trade ins of U.S. installs, and c). the coronavirus is discouraging buyers from traveling to inspect machinery, Best Graphics’ legacy as a reputable distributor of Printing Presses, Bindery machinery, and Packaging equipment means we’re well positioned to support you in the purchase of your next capital expenditure.


With more than $5 million USD in equipment in stock, and a full staff of Service Technicians to support the testing, dismantling, rigging, and loading of equipment onto containers, let Best Graphics sell you a used Bobst Die Cutter; a secondhand Muller Martini Saddle Stitcher or Perfect Binder; a high speed 4- and 6-corner Folder Gluer for sale; a well maintained Komori, KBA or Heidelberg 6-Color, 40″ Offset Press; or other Bindery-based models from the likes of Horizon, MBO, Polar, Vijuk, and Kolbus.


Want to learn more? Looking to inquire on used Graphic Arts & Packaging equipment for purchase? Prefer to speak in Spanish? Looking to sell surplus machines? Let Best Graphics Group help you out: contact us via our online submission form and our dedicated Sales staff will be in touch!


. . . Looking forward to learning more about you, your culture, and your equipment needs!



Highcon Die Cutters Approach Best Graphics for Sales Partnership Agreement


Best Graphics Strikes Deal with Highcon Laser Die Cutters for North American Partnership Agreement – 


Dan Brahm, President of Best Graphics (WI) is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Michael Ciaramella, V.P. Sales & Operations North America of Highcon (Israel), to begin marketing the Highcon line of Scoring, Creasing and Laser Die Cutting Stripping machines to U.S. and Canadian-based Commercial, Digital and Packaging Printers. The below newsletter was sent out for immediate release:



Learn more about Highcon’s lineup of Laser Die Cutting equipment below:

  • Highcon Product Line Overview, Click HERE
  • 30″ Euclid 5S for Folding Carton, Click HERE
  • 42″ Euclid 5 for Folding Carton, Click HERE
  • 42″ Euclid 5C for Corrugated, Click HERE
  • 42″ Beam 2 for Carton & Corrugated, Click HERE
  • 42″ Beam 2C for Corrugated, Click HERE


Contact our Sales Department at (800) 236-7603, or Click HERE and we’ll contact you via email!


. . . Best Graphics: Full Spectrum! 



Ohio Folding Carton Shop Purchases Laserck BLK Offline Blanker from Best Graphics

Midwest Packaging Company Partners with Best Graphics for Purchase of High Speed, Patented Offline Blanker – 


Best Graphics (Waukesha, WI), the North American distributor for Laserck Offline Blanking machines, has recently sold a Laserck BLK model Offline Blanker to an Ohio-based Folding Carton shop. The purchase includes delivery, training, a multi-year parts & labor warranty, in addition to use of our Mark IV software for CAD file carton analysis.


The Laserck BLK Offline Blanker eliminates the need for temp. staff workers hand stripping cartons after the Die Cutting process. Capable of processing 3″+ lifts per cycles, Laserck BLK models can finish 5 – 7 pallets of product per hour. Alternatively, our higher speed Laserck CBL model is capable of finishing 8+ pallets per hour. By retaining (1) low skilled employee to operate the Laserck Offline Blanking machine, Commercial Printers and Packaging entities can repurpose the sunk costs previously invested in temporary workers to fund the purchase of a Laserck BLK or Laserck CBL model. In addition to improved productivity, organizations also benefit from:


  • Depreciation of capital equipment
  • Eliminating the uncertainty of labor staffing
  • Establishing production forecasting (I.E., knowing how many cartons a machine can complete per shift vs. a hand stripping day laborer)
  • Reducing labor overhead (through the use of manufacturing automation)
  • Removing the possibility of an employee damaging printed & finished product (which can be costly if you have to re-print, die cut and blank)



This Cleveland, Ohio-based Print Finishing company will pay for the Laserck BLK Offline Blanking equipment with (1) re-occuring account they produce Pharmaceutical work for each month! This is in large part due to the high yielding productivity of the Laserck BLK model. With a rotating conveyor that allows up to 3″+ of product to be “punched”, the operator loads the work into the “mouth” of the Offline Blanker. A series of 4,000+ pins push through the die cut paperboard in a way where finished work moves up, while unnecessary waste scrap is ejected down for quick removal. The good pieces transfer into our patented, automatic down stacking section to be palletized hands-free. [Video Available HERE]



The Ohio Printer currently operates Bobst Die Cutting-Stripping equipment in both B1 and B0 size formats. Upon successful installation and implementation of this 43″ BLK model they’ll be pursuing an oversized 57″ format to support their Bobst SP 142-E model Die Cutters.


In addition to being Laserck’s North American importers, distributors, and post-sales service & support, Best Graphics represent (15) other lines of post-Press Bindery & Packaging machinery. Seeking more information? Contact us and one of our Sales staff members will be in touch!


. . . Best Graphics: Full Spectrum equipment providers!



Special Pricing On DGM Folder Gluers from Best Graphics



Best Graphics, In Partnership with PPCTS, to Offer Up to 12-Months No Payment On High Speed DGM Folder Gluers –  


Looking to increase your Folding Gluing capacity for year end? Having trouble sourcing good, affordable Bobst Folder Gluers? Consider the reliability and productivity of DGM Smartfold Folder Gluers with 4- and 6-Corner without making payments for up to 12-months! Call a Best Graphics’ Sales Representative today: (800) 236-7603, or contact us online!



Best Graphics is North America’s largest, independent distributor of post-Press Bindery, Finishing and Packaging equipment. Boasting (15) different manufacturers new, and selling more than 150 – 175 machines annually, our Sales Representatives, Service Technicians and Parts Department can help you locate the right new or used Folder Gluer, Die Cutter, Carton Packer, Foil Stamper, Offline Blanker and/or Film Laminator. Learn more about our Packaging portfolio via our eBrochure HERE, or browse nearly 600 machine listings at


Major Online Photo Printer Opts for (2) Custom Ibis Smart Binder Solutions


Best Graphics, Ibis Chosen as Provider of (2) New, Custom Ibis Smart Binder Systems –


Best Graphics (WI), the North American Distributor and post-Sales Service & Parts support for Ibis Smart Binders, has been awarded a (2) machine order from a major online photobook producer. The system will help streamline the manufacturing of digitally printed material into personalized, variable page count booklets.


The Ibis will be integrated behind an Unwinder and Web Cutter. Best Graphics and Ibis will collect the 1-up, wide web stream and separate it into a 2-up stream to better suit the small format booklets. Via the Ibis Smart Binder’s TUSDC-100 module, which changes the direction of the (2) sheets, and the 2D Matrix Barcode Reader, 4-page sheets arrive into the scoring section in sequence (to build a personalized booklet with varying page counts and specific data).



Through the use of the CFI-102 Feeder each booklet will include a cover. Maintaining the covers will be seamless due to the CAL-102 automatic cover loader option the printer elected.


After a booklet’s “set” has been matched with a cover, the book will move through the Smart Binder’s Hohner wire stitch heads or our patented ISG-100 spine gluing section to be finished. Thereafter, the Smart Binder’s three knife trimmer section will engage (while waste scrap is discharged via the waste conveyor system).


Maintaining 100% booklet integrity, its important to note the Smart Binder ejects all “bad books” and logs the data into the intelligent operator touch screen (where it can later be exported and sent back to pre-press, or management for review).


With a 1-up cycle speed of 7,000 booklets per hour (or 14,000 per hour with our option center knife kit), Ibis Smart Binder HS Plus models can be pursued in a variety of configurations. For example, the above layout also includes a SB-097 hybrid Pile Feeder/Transport section that the purchaser will use for occasional flat sheet booklet runs (loaded from a pallet). In the event the Unwinder/Web Cutter is in use, the SB-097 is “disengaged” and acts as a transport bridge for 4-page sheets to pass through before entering the Smart Binder’s scoring/booklet creation area.


This printer will be receiving (1) system at their mid-Atlantic facilities and (1) system at their Midwest operations. Both will be integrated with backend, high speed Bell & Howell Inserting equipment.


Interested in learning about other ‘nearline’ Ibis solutions for your variable data print (VDP) environment? Curious if ‘inline’ digital booklet production is right for you? Or, ‘offline’ from a pile? We can help. Submit an inquiry with Best Graphics’ sales team and let’s build out the Ibis Smart Binder HS Plus your need! Customization is our passion!



Best Graphics | New & Used Post-Press Equipment | Parts | Service



John Becker, Former QUAD Graphics Executive, Joins Best Graphics’ Team



Best Graphics Expands Team to Better Support Continued Growth from Our Finishing, Packaging Portfolio – 


John Becker, previously with QUAD Graphics corporate, has joined on with Best Graphics as a Finishing & Packaging Sales Specialist. In his role he will be responsible for engaging with Trade Finishers, Commercial Printers and Folding Carton shops in a technical fashion to further advance the sale of Sheetfed Presses, Die Cutters, Blankers, Offline Blankers, Folder Gluers, Film Laminators, Labelers, Pile Turner-Aerators and other machinery from Best Graphics’ stock inventory.


As the former Procurement Director of Capital Equipment for more than (25) QUAD facilities spanning the U.S., Canada, the Carribbean and Europe, John has extensive knowledge of finishing and packaging applications, industry practice, vendor contacts, equipment capabilities, and asset evaluations. Want to ensure you’ve got that job layout “the right way”? Ask John! Want us to evaluate your current production processes? Consult with John! Have excess equipment for sale!? Call John! Toll free: (800) 236-7603!


Prior to working with QUAD’s executive team, John co-founded a Trade Finishing House, Schreiber Specialties, in the early ’90s. He’s always had a passion for Die Cutting, Stamping and Folding/Gluing. In fact, Schreiber Specialties was a beta site for one of the first Bobst Spantera Die Cutters and housed one of the first North American Expertfold Folder Gluers with Gyro technology. Other the years John made several trips, on a consulting level, to Bobst’s Switzerland R&D facilities to design and develop what is now known as the Bobst Foil Master Hot Foil Stamping machine.


With a continual investment in new technology, a knack for doing the “tough jobs”, and year-on-year sales growth, by ’10 QUAD contacted John with an offer to purchase his firm, and join on in an administrative role. A decade later, whether in an office negotiating deals, or down on a shop floor, John’s passion for cartons, die lines, procedures, job make-readies and “hard iron” burns just as strongly today.


Best Graphics are thrilled to have John, and believe his assets dovetail well with our line of Young Shin Die Cutters-Blankers-Foil Stampers, Laserck Offline Blankers, Busch Pile Turners-High Die Cutters, STOCK Litho Laminators, DGM Folder Gluers-Carton Packers, and our Ecosystem Film Laminators.


In fact, there’s no better person to present you with equipment offerings than someone who previously bought equipment from Best Graphics and our extensive portfolio! A story better than any referral: someone who bought the equipment, ran it themselves, knows its effectiveness, and wants you to know how great it is, too!


. . . Welcome to “this side” of the negotiating table, John! Our team and our clients will KNOW BETTER VALUE! when you’re on the phone, or in their shop.


Links: Finishing & Packaging Portfolio | | eSubmission | Service & Parts 


Indiana Printer Purchases Busch SWH 125 RLA Pile Turner from Best Graphics

Specialty Printer In Indiana Opts for Best Graphics’ Busch SWH 125 RLA (175) Pile Turner-Aerator with Warranty – 


Best Graphics (WI) the North American importer, sales agents, and post-sales service & support for Busch Pile Turners and Aerators has sold another SWH 125 RLA model to a Midwest printer.


On the recommendation from another print shop who currently owns Busch equipment, this specialty printer negotiated for Busch’s most popular model with some customized options to better suit their production environment. Specifically, the model was equipped with Busch’s optional, upgraded dual blower for added aeration horsepower. This will aid with jogging and alignment of thicker stock weights to support the printing and, die cutting of paint chip samples. At nearly 69″ in height, the machine’s increased jaws will allow them to aerate taller skids per cycle.



All Busch SWH models are equipped with an operator console that swivels to the front and back of the machine to “spot check” sheets. Similarly, our Busch SWH Pile Turners can be pre-programmed to aerate for a designated duration and stop once completed, thereby allowing the operator to simultaneously fetch and prepare the next pallet.


Do you struggle with “tricky” stocks? Ask us about our optional Ionization kit (for plastics), or our Light Stock Stop Bars (for thin, bible and pharmaceutical stocks)! Running smaller, digital sheet sizes? Ask us about our Busch SE 90 RLA model! Seeking an oversized Pile Turner? Let’s talk about our Busch SWH 155 RLA model with quad-blowers and increased “jaws”!


For a video of our Busch equipment in action CLICK HERE! Or, read more via the Busch SWH series eBrochure HERE!


Backed by a full parts and labor warranty and installed with training of your staff by Best Graphics’ Service Department, we’re here to mitigate buying risk, increase your productivity, and ensure your staff members are adequately knowledgeable about the equipment their operating.


. . . Best Graphics: Here for YOU and YOUR EMPLOYEES! Contact us via an online submission to learn more!


Large, Multi-National Purchases Best Graphics’ Itotec RU 5.0 Unloader with Warranty


Best Graphics Sells Another Itotec Unloader to Support Multi-National’s Guillotine Cutter – 


Best Graphics (WI), the exclusive North American importer, distributor and post-sales service & parts provider of Itotec Cutting equipment, sold another Japanese Unloader to a large, multi-national. This Itotec model RU 5.0 Unloader will support the purchaser’s Chicago, Illinois production. This is the third machine sale facilitated by Best Graphics and the buyer in as many years.


The equipment is configured as a left handed design to support a right-to-left work flow. The Itotec RU 5.0 down stacker will improve the Printer’s operating efficiency by up to 50% due to the Paper Cutter operator’s ability to continue cutting while product is down stacked.



Supported with a 36-month parts and labor warranty, the purchase is another “turn key” solution offering by Best Graphics’ Service Department, who will deliver, install and provide operator training on the equipment.



Itotec, a Japanese manufacturer of Paper Cutters and ancillary Cutting equipment (Paper Cutting systems) is celebrating its 101st year of manufacturing excellence. A family business that is owned and managed by the 6th generation of Ito family members, Itotec has more than 12,000 Guillotine Cutter and ancillary Cutting machine sales worldwide.


For more information on new or used Paper Cutters and/or Lifts, Joggers, and Unloaders contact Best Graphics Sales Department at (800) 236-7603. For Itotec (Itoh) spare parts and service contact Mike Keller, in Parts, or Gary Martin, in Service.

Leading U.S. Healthcare Provider Chooses Best Graphics’ Ibis Smart Binder for Variable Page Stitching


Best Graphics’s Ibis Smart Binder Machine Selected to Produce Healthcare Company’s Variable Data Printed Booklets – 


Best Graphics, the North American distributors for Ibis Smart Binders, has secured a new “Smart Binder 3” order from one of North America’s most prominent Healthcare organizations. This Smart Binder will be able to wire stitch (SB 2), or spine glue (SB 3) booklets depending upon the client’s preference.


Ibis, manufactured in the U.K., is a market leader in the world of high speed variable data, variable page count saddle stitching. Founded more than 20-years ago by John Cracknell, Best Graphics has been Ibis’ U.S. and Canadian distributor for the last 3-years.


For this particular project, the Ibis will run inline. Paper will be unwound, from a roll, into a Canon digital print engine where critical, and highly personalized, medical information will be inkjet printed. The use of 2D and 3D barcodes will allow the Smart Binder to intelligently track each patients information downstream.



After exiting the Canon inkjet press, the continuous web of paper will be cut into 4-page sheets via a Tecnau digital finishing system. Thereafter, the 4-page sheets will be individually scored via the Ibis. By scoring each 4-page sheet the books will lay flatter (than the competition).  A series of cameras and data tracking technology, from the Ibis Smart Binder 3, identify the number of 4-page sheets needed per book for each patient. Continuously collecting 4-page sheets atop one another, once “confirmed” by the Smart Binder, a collated set is released from the infeed of the Smart Binder and a cover — personalized, or static — is dropped atop the booklet. Thereafter, wire staples are stitched on the spine in advance of the booklet being three knife trimmed. As an example, the healthcare providers’ booklets may complete in the following sequence without any stopping the machine: 8-page booklet, 12-page, 12-page, 16-page, 8-page, 24-page, 36-page, 32-page, 8-page, etc.


In the event a run of booklets wants to omit metal staples, the Smart Binder can produce spine glued books via our patented ISG cold glue technology. In this production sequence, each 4-page sheet passing through the Ibis Smart Binder 3 receives a row of glue dots. As each 4-page nests atop one another a booklet is formed. The use of the patented cold glue technology creates: a). an elevated appearance in relation to wire staples, b). a higher page pull strength than wire stapled booklets, and c). allows the booklets to lay flatter and therefore insert easier, during the collation-mail insertion process.



Best Graphics’ Service Department will support this Ibis Smart Binder HS 3 model with delivery, installation, operator training, and an extended warranty. This Ibis will be one of nearly 100 Ibis machines sold into the North American market, making Ibis the U.S. leader in variable data, variable page Saddle Stitching.


Interested in taking your client’s personalized data to new levels? Ask Best Graphics about high speed, digital bookletmaking We’d be happy to help. Submit an online form to have one of our Sales Representatives assist you with the purchase of your next Saddle Stitching machinery.