Japanese Engineering with 3-year Warranty

Osako manufacturers (3) levels of automated Saddle Stitchers, and an innovative OT-329 “DUO” dual Three-Knife Trimmer for easy “in-and-out” of 1-up and 2-up booklet production

Saddle Stitchers (Tokyo, Japan) –  


Best Graphics have been importing, distributing, and supporting Osako’s line of Japanese, automated Saddle Stitchers for over three decades. Founded in the early 1900s, Osako was our first partner that sought out an exclusive importer, ultimately transitioning Best Graphics from a regional distributorship of CTP, Offset Press and Bindery equipment to a nationwide sales and service organization. Forging relations of over three generations of ownership, Best Graphics and Osako are truly “one” family.

Osako Product Line Overview Video


Osako Micro Web Listing


Osako Micro Video


Osako Estar Alpha Web Listing


Osako Estar Alpha Video


Osako Tener Alpha Web Listing


Osako Tener Alpha + OT-2000 Video


Osako Tener Alpha + Duo OT-329 Video


Osako Tener Alpha General Overview Video


Osako Duo OT-329 Web Listing


Osako Duto OT-329 2-In-1 Trimmer Video


Osako Tener Alpha + OT-2000A Setup, Makeready Video


Osako Tener Alpha Signature Scanner and Dual Caliper Makeready Video


Osako Tener Alpha Legacy Video


Osako Tener Alpha Video [Low Quality]