Itotec & Kudo

Japanese Precision

Double-arm Cutters, Lifts, dual tilt Joggers and automatic Unloaders

Guillotine Cutters, Lifts, Joggers, & Unloaders (Nagoya, Japan) –


Itotec, manufactured in Japan, has been producing Paper Cutters, and ancillary Cutting equipment for over 100-years. Headquartered in the city of Nagoya – home of Toyota – Itotec is a 6th generation family business with an install base of more than 12,000 Paper Cutters worldwide.


Itotec SC-82Z Web Listing

Itotec SC-100Z Web Listing

Itotec SC-115Z Web Listing

Itotec SC-115Z Auto Trim Web Listing

Itotec SC-137Z Web Listing

Itotec SC-137Z Auto Trim Web Listing

Itotec eRC-160DX Web Listing

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Itotec eRC-200DX Web Listing

Itotec Full Paper Cutting System Web Listing


Itotec eRC Paper Cutter Video


Itotec “Programming Cuts” Video


Itotec eRC Cutter Cutting Lightweight Stock Video


Itotec Knife Change Demonstration Video


Itotec Auto-Cut & Backgauge Push Out Feature [as Standard] Video


Itotec Full System Cutting Line with Auto-Loader Video


Itotec Cutter with Optional Auto-trim Video



Kudo AL-10 Web Listing


Kudo AL-10 Lift Video


Loaders & Unloaders

Itotec RU 5.0 / 5.1 Web Listing


Itotec RU 5.0 Unloader Video

Itotec RFL 1.4 Web Listing

Itotec RSL 3.1 Web Listing



Kudo MJ-05/14 1000 Web Listing


Kudo MJ Jogger Video

Kudo MJ Jogger with Optional Back Air Assist Video

Kudo MJ-05/14 1300 Web Listing



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