APR Solutions - Italy

Tape Applicators (Turin, Italy) –


APR Solutions, headquartered in Italy, is a fast-growing manufacturer of specialty taping systems, folder gluers, die cutters and foil stampers. Located in the city of Turin, APR Solutions’ founders have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality finishing equipment.

Bacciottini - Italy

Creasers & Folders (Prato, Italy) –


Founded in 1983, Bacciottini Group is a leading company in engineering and manufacturing completely automated machines to perform creasing, folding, perforating, and punching functions. Bacciottini products are globally recognized and appreciated for quality, efficiency, long-life, and ease of use. 5,000 of these units have been installed world-wide, with many still in production 20 years later.

Busch - Germany

Pile Turners, Waste Conveyors, High Die Cutters, & Banders (Hamburg, Germany) –


Busch has been manufacturing Post-Press equipment, in Hamburg, Germany, for over 40-years. In addition to Pile Turners, Busch produces Banders, Waste Conveyors, and High Die Cutters.

Chameleon - United States

Modular Folder Gluers & Transport Sections for Plow Folding (New York, USA) –


AdTech Graphic Service, a 3+ decade old graphic arts equipment supplier in New York, USA manufactures Chameleon Finishing Systems. The Chameleon multi-function Folder Gluer is designed to creatively handle a broad range of production requirements.

Derprosa - Spain

Laminating Films (Jaén, Spain) –


Derprosa, headquartered in Spain, designs and produces not only the most homogenous and stable films, but ones that stand out. Since 1988, Derprosa has designed and manufactured all types of film taking into account all the different printing systems used in the market, types of paper and ink, graphic projects as well as visual, aesthetic or specific market trends.

Ecosystem - Italy

Film Laminators & Digital Coaters (Rovereto, Italy) –


Ecosystem, manufactured in Northern Italy, has been producing Thermal, and Water-based Film Laminators for 25 years. Headquartered just two hours’ drive from both Milan and Venice, Ecosystem produce (5) Film Laminator series: the Quick, Compact, Dry, Aqua and Best lines. Ecosystem now offers the aptly named JetCoater series, a premier line of Digital UV Coaters.

Heiber + Schroeder - Germany

Window Patching & Tray Forming Solutions (Erkrath, Germany)


Heiber + Schroeder is a 30-year-old specialty manufacturer headquartered in Erkrath, Germany, outside Dusseldorf. Heiber + Schroeder is a known product innovator and a market leader for window patching and tray forming equipment. With nearly 1,500 machines running worldwide, customers have come to rely on Heiber + Schroeder to meet their unique packaging needs.

Highcon - Israel

Laser Die Cutters (Yavne, Israel) –


Highcon, established in 2009 and headquartered one hour West of Jerusalem, Israel, develops and manufactures innovative Laser Die Cutting solutions. Highcon has solutions for Folding Carton and Corrugated industries with their Euclid and Beam lines of Laser Die Cutters.

Houseng - China

Roll Sheeters (Zhejiang Province, China) –


Houseng’s range of heavy duty roll sheeters offer a broad range of automation features at an affordable price, offering maximum productivity and quality.

IBIS - United Kingdom

Digital Saddle Stitchers (High Wycombe, UK) –


IBIS, founded in the United Kingdom in 1999, is a world-leading supplier of high-speed digital book finishing systems. The IBIS Smart Binder ‘Plus HS’ can produce personalized, variable page-count wire-stitched (SB-2) or cold-glued (SB-3). These systems are used around the world to produce personalized booklets for schools, health care, insurance, financial, government, and many other applications. Notable installations include RR Donnelley, O’Neil Digital Solutions, Pearson Educational, Broadridge, and Liturgical Publications.

Itotec & Kudo - Japan

Guillotine Cutters, Lifts, Joggers, & Unloaders (Nagoya, Japan) –


Itotec, manufactured in Japan, has been producing Paper Cutters, and ancillary Cutting equipment for over 100-years. Headquartered in the city of Nagoya – home of Toyota – Itotec is a 6th generation family business with an install base of more than 12,000 Paper Cutters worldwide.

Komori America - Japan

Komori America (Chicago, IL) –


Best Graphics were approached by Komori America in 2016 to begin selling our post-Press equipment alongside their Japanese manufactured Offset Presses, and Digital Presses. Headquartered just 90 miles South of Best Graphics facilities, Komori typically stock Best Graphics’ Itotec line of Guillotine Paper Cutters, or Busch Pile Turner-Aerators in their Chicago-based Graphic Technology Center, and actively sell Best Graphics’ post-Press portfolio of equipment to their end users via their KomoriKare division.

Kompac - United States

UV Aqueous Coaters (New Jersey, USA) –


Kompac, manufactured in New Jersey, USA, has been producing Coaters for 40 years. The manufacturer is a market leader in U.V., Aqueous and Primer Coating, and Dampeners with tens of thousands of installs internationally. Kompac coaters are available in three distinct series – Kwik Finish, Onyx, and Phoenix (EZ Koat).

Laserck - Japan

Offline Blankers (Osaka, Japan) –


Laserck Corporation, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, has been the premier supplier of Offline Blanking in Japan and Southeast Asia for over 35 years. With their highly patented design, Laserck has over 100 Offline Blanking systems installed worldwide.

Longer - Taichung City, Taiwan

Large Format Cutters (Taichung City, Taiwan)


Longer, headquartered in Taiwan, has been a world-class provider of high-quality large format Cutters since 1975. With a range up to 118” wide incorporating super-duty, dual gear box, double-arm pull systems, Longer has nearly 8,000 installations worldwide.

Osako - Japan

Saddle Stitchers (Tokyo, Japan) –  


Best Graphics have been importing, distributing, and supporting Osako’s line of Japanese, automated Saddle Stitchers for over three decades. Founded in the early 1900s, Osako was our first partner that sought out an exclusive importer, ultimately transitioning Best Graphics from a regional distributorship of CTP, Offset Press and Bindery equipment to a nationwide sales and service organization. Forging relations of over three generations of ownership, Best Graphics and Osako are truly “one” family.

Palamides - Germany

Bander Deliveries (Stuttgart, Germany) –


Palamides, manufactured in Stuttgart, Germany, has been producing automatic Banding Deliveries and Stacking Deliveries for over 45 years. With over 3,600 installs worldwide, Palamides is globally recognized in the Graphic Arts market.

Rollem - United States

Rotary Die Cutters (Anaheim, CA) – 


Rollem International has been in business for nearly 70-years, and is recognizable by those in the Commercial Print, Quick Copy, Specialty Card and Digital Print segments. With a portfolio of Slitter/Cutter/Creasers, Digital Die Cutting and Card Pack technology, Rollem is synonomous with quality, reliability and innovation. Ask us about our Rollem Insignia equipment for short run Die Cutting-Stripping, or TR systems for slitting, scoring, and/or bi-directional sheet finishing.

Saroglia by APR - Italy

Die Cutters & Foil Stampers (Turin, Italy) –


Saroglia by APR Solutions, headquartered in Italy, is a renowned Italian manufacturer of auto-feed, clam shell die cutters and foil stamping equipment.

SCM - China

Folder Gluers (Dongguan City, China) –


SCM, founded in Taiwan, is China’s largest manufacturer dedicated solely to the production of Folder Gluers. SCM is an industry leader in Folding Gluing technology offering world-class equipment in partnership with recognized global component sources. Nearly 1,000 SCM Folder Gluers are in production across the globe.

STOCK - Germany

Labelers & Litho Laminators (Frankfurt, Germany) –


STOCK, manufactured in Frankfurt, Germany, has been a leading producer of Sheet-to-Sheet Mounter and Labeling machines for 50 years. With speeds up to 8,000 per hour, STOCK machines are highly regarded for their accurate registration, tight tolerances, German manufacturing standards, and high quality finishing.

USA Roller & Supply - United States

USA Roller & Supply (Wisconsin, USA) –


Best Graphics partners with Wayne Pagel of USA Roller & Supply to help customers update the folder rollers on their Folding machines, in addition to consultation on complex folding projects and/or factory floor throughputs

Valco Melton - United States

Gluing and Inspection Systems (Ohio, USA) –


Valco Melton, established in 1952 with headquarters in Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of adhesive application and quality assurance systems. Valco Melton manufactures gluing systems to package, seal, and inspect a wide variety of products ranging from corrugated boxes to cartons, bags, books, paper towels, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Wohlenberg - Germany

Perfect Binders, Gatherers, Three-Knife Trimmers (Verden, Germany) –


Wohlenberg, manufactured in Verden, Germany, has been producing Perfect Binders, Gatherers and Three-Knife Trimmers for over 70 years. Having developed the first Perfect Binder and Three-Knife Trimmer, Wohlenberg is a global leader in developing and manufacturing quality Perfect Bindery equipment.

Young Shin - South Korea

Flatbed Die Cutters, Blankers, Foil Stampers (Daegu, Korea) –


Best Graphics has been representing the Young Shin line of South Korean built Flatbed Die Cutters, Blankers, and Foil Stampers for over a decade. Offer machines in sizes ranging from 41″, 57″ up to 98″. Young Shin provides North American clients dependable Die Cutting equipment at affordable prices, and a post-sales service & parts staff that are dispersed throughout the United States: Atlanta, Michigan, Kansas, Colorado, and California.