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Slit/Score/Perf, Numbering and Rotary Die Cut-Strip machines for short run, or high volume production

Proven Scoring, Slitting, Perforating and Cutting Solutions for Bindery, Finishing and Digital Applications (Anaheim, CA) – 


Rollem International has been in business for nearly 70-years, and is recognizable by those in the Commercial Print, Quick Copy, Specialty Card and Digital Print segments. With a portfolio of Slitter/Cutter/Creasers, Digital Die Cutting and Card Pack technology, Rollem is synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation. Ask us about our Rollem Insignia equipment for short run Die Cutting-Stripping, or TR systems for slitting, scoring and/or bi-directional sheet finishing.


Introduction to Rollem Including Carton Converting Tutorial

Introduction to Rotary Die Cutting Video

Rollem Rotary Die Cutters for Folding Cartons and Packaging

Rollem 15 x 20″ Insignia 5 Web Listing

Rollem 20 x 20″ Insignia 6 Web Listing

Rollem 24 x 30″ Insignia 7 Web Listing

Rollem 24 x 24″ Insignia X3 Web Listing

Rollem Insignia Inline with Chameleon Folder Gluer Video

Rollem Insignia7 Pocket Folder Job Setup

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