Service Guide

Best Graphics’ Service Department is a critical component of our success. For more than four decades, Best Graphics has been able to provide “turn key” solutions to our clients. Below is a guide of the various key terms, and phrases commonly used within the industry and defined by our Service staff:


>> Dismantle Separation of a machine, or system, in preparation  for re-location and/or shipment


>>  Skidding, Preparation of the equipment on wooden pallets, or framing; usually involves strapping and stretch-wrapping the equipment to better secure it during shipment


>>  LoadingUse of a pallet jack, or fork truck to lift, move and load skidded equipment onto a pre-arranged box truck, flatbed truck or shipping container


>> Rigging, Use of industrial fork trucks, cranes and “skates” to lift, move, load or position equipment deemed insufficiethe:nt to maneuver by pallet jack, or warehouse fork truck; this service requires specialized equipment and expertise, thereby costing  more money


>> Delivery, Arrangement of transportation, and legal documents required, for shipment by truck, vessel or airplane


>> Delivery DoorImplied as “Dock Height” for all deliveries, contact us in advance if you only have a ground level door; Note: ground level doors may result in delays in delivery arrival, and an increase in costs incurred


>> Unloading, Where as “Delivery” only gets goods to the dock door, this service is the physical removal of equipment from a truck, container into a physical building; always ensure you have pallet jacks, fork trucks or rigging equipment that can withstand the gross weights of the items you are receiving; in the event you do not, Best Graphics can arrange this service for additional


>> InstallationThe inverse of “:  Dismantle”, this process involves the correct positioning and assembly of a machine, and its components, prior to operation


>> Air & Electrical, Required, by the customer, to be arranged in advance of Best Graphics’ time onsite; Note: in the event these commissions delay the installation the Service Technician has the option to a) charge the hourly/daily rates associated with the lost time, or b) leave the facility and re-schedule a mutually agreeable time when the Air & Electrical are completed


>> Pad, In the event the machinery requires special cement designs and engineering [to support the install, operation of the system], it is implied that the buyer is responsible for the arrangement of the services; Note: the scheduling of a pad, or foundation should not conflict with the installation dates arranged, and buyers must take into account that pads may take 10 – 14 days to “cure” before installation can commence


>> TrainingSharing of machine intelligence, best operator practices, and maintenance suggestions to ensure a company’s staff are able to operate their machinery competently;  Note: there is basic operator training, if Best Graphics is being commissioned to aid with general brands within the Graphic Arts, Bindery, Finishing and Packaging sectors, and there is training, if Best Graphics is being commissioned to assist with brands within the Graphic Arts, Bindery, FInishing and Packaging sectors where we are the North American agents and representatives including, but not limited to: easy access to manuals, electrical schematics, floor layouts, spare parts, vendor partners, et cetera


>> Service Rate, The hourly rate, agreed by client and Best Graphics, for travel, service, repair, installation and/or training with respect to a machine, or machines; Note: normal business hours are 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday, excluding holidays; hourly rates increase outside of these hours and/or during weekends


>> Per DiemIf a project last longer than (1) business day, a per diem is charged to compensate for the Service Technicians meals


>> Lodging, If a project last longer than (1) business day, hotel accommodations need to be arranged for the Service Technician


>> Car Rental, If the Service Technician arrives to the site by an airplane, a daily car rental charge is billed out to compensate the Service Technician


>>  Warranty, defined as either a parts and/or service labor offering whereby Best Graphics supports the equipment, and reduces the buyer’s liability, for equipment defectiveness post-purchase, shipment, or installation;  Note: warranties are specified by a window/timeframe and, unless specified otherwise, commence on the date of final invoice


>>  Service ContractBest Graphics’ Service Department offered extended warranties on equipment out of contract known as “Service Contracts”; the terms of a Service Contract are project specific, but generally address maintenance of parts and service liabilities of a machine paid on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis; contact Best Graphics’ Service Manager to discuss if your equipment can be under service contract!