ITEM #3277-F

2015, Komori


GL540+CX + H-UV 

2015 Komori GL540+CX + H-UV 

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2015 Komori GL540+CX + H-UV
28″ x 40″ 5-Color Straight Full Automation Hybrid
Coater with Anilox Chambered
F-APC Full Automatic Plate Changers
PQC-S Console
PDC-SX Closed Loop
Komorimatic II with Delta-Effect
KHS-AI Hyper-Speed Inking with Artificial Intelligence
KMS-IV Monitoring System
Automatic Ink Roller and Cylinder Washers
Combination Ink Temperature Control and Refrigeration
H-UV End of Press EOP
Pierry IR HK Dryer
Non-Stop Feeder and Delivery
67mm Impressions
in Production USA

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