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2022, Moll


Digi-Moll PAK

Folder Gluer for Pocket Folders & Folding Cartons with Hotmelt Glue & Tape Applicator

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  • Max Sheet Size

    30"W x 20"L

  • Min. Sheet Size

    2"W x 4"L

  • Footprint

    Approx. 22'L x 4'W (Glue System Cart 40"x24")

2022 Moll Digi-Moll PAK Folding Gluing System —

  • Equipped with formers for reinforced tabs, boxes, and table tents
  • Air Blast with tipper plate
  • Bump-N-Turn Assembly
  • Various sized left and right plows for plow folding
  • Moll Hot Melt Glue System
    • Can be used for fugitive or permanent gluing
    • Maximum of four line
    • 3 non-contact applicators with 8′ hoses and brackets
  • Crash Lock Kit
  • Two Up Tooling
  • Automatic Tape Applicator
    • Runs various double sided tape
    • 1/2″ to 1″


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