ITEM #3200-E

2009, Bobst


Expertcut 106 LER

29″ x 41″ Die Cutter with Blanking

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2009 Bobst Expertcut 106 LER Die Cutter-Blanker –

  • Used Bobst Die Cutter Blanker
  • Bobst’s C.U.B.E. system, touch screen control
  • Non-Stop Feeder
  • Processing
  • Optical Lateral Register
  • Cam Driven Platen
  • Autoplaten Concept
  • Centerline System
  • Compensating Plate for Micrometric 4mm
  • Automatic In-Line Waste Stripping
  • Automatic In-Line Blank Separation
  • Automatic Device for Opening the Gripper n Stripping Unit
  • Automatic Pile Transfer (APT)
  • Sheet Handling Automation
  • Quick Change COncept
  • Quick Set Non-Stop Grid
  • Power Register II
  • Non-Stop Delivery
  • Pallet Changing Device
  • Under Power
  • Terms: Dismantled, and loaded
  • Shipment, re-install and training available for additional


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