ITEM #3516-E

2020, Bobst


Novacut 106-E

29″ x 41″ Die Cutter with Stripping

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  • Cycle Speed

    8,000 sph

  • Max. Size Format

    740 x 1060 mm | 29.125" x 41.75"

  • Min. Size Format

    350 x 400 mm | 13.75" x 15.75"

  • Count

    260 Hours

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2020 Bobst Novacut 106-E –

SPHERE Control system, the new BOBST Human Machine Interface (HMI) with 22” color touch screen system managed by a microprocessor provides easy operation of the machine, visualize and control multiple functions and elements, and equipped with Helpline Plus system.

Centerline system for quick job changeover.
Electronic device for sheet travel control.
Adjustable centering of tools in stripping station.
Main motor with variable frequency drive control.

Handle for manual lateral position adjustment of pile during production. Rear pile  guides (OS and OOS).
Adjustable Side blowers.
Suction unit with multiple adjustments.
Safety system for lowering the pile hoist.
Feed table surface made of anti-static stainless steel plate.
Feed table inlet equipped with lateral ramps.
4 Individually adjustable front lays for sheet register control.
“Pull” guide (OS) adjustable according to Centerline marks, with side register control convertible to push-guide with electro-optic control system.
Double sheet detector mechanical integrated on pull guide (OS).
Support plates at entry of cutting station.
Feed belt slow-down device guiding sheets to the front lays improves registration of light materials.
Upper feeder frame with pneumatic lifting device.
Upper transport equipment for paper, paperboard and corrugated board.
Transport belts with lateral guidance and automatic tension system.

Cutting Station:
Gripper opening device.
Automatic tool centering and locking for chase and cutting plate.
Measurement of cutting force with pressure display.

Waste Stripping Station:
Motorized lifting of the upper stripping frame.
Integrated Quick Lock system for the upper and central stripping tools.
Adjustable center position on upper, central, and lower stripping tools.

Front joggerplus adjustable rear and side joggers with Centerline marks.
Sheet braking Brush with pneumatically operated pressure and angle is adjusted on the HMI, The function of the brush is automatic, adjusting according to the speed of machine. The brush and the tablet are motorized and work together or separately depending on the length of sheet. Dial position indicators facilitate this operation. Manual non-stop delivery (rake).

1 cutting chase with quick lock.
Frame and fastening equipment for stripping tools including crossbars and clamps.
1 Adapter for stripping board on the central frame with quick lock fastening of upper stripping tool.
1 Lower stripping pull-out frame.
Waste stripping tools including crossbars, pins and supports.