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JetCoater 76

30″ x 42″ Digital UV Coater for Embellishing

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  • Max. Sheet Size

    760 x 1060 mm | 29.92" x 41.73"

  • Min. Sheet Size

    200 x 250 mm | 7.87" x 9.84"

  • Max. Mechanical Speed

    60 m/min. | 197 feet/min.

  • Paper Weight

    110–600 gsm

  • Machine Weight

    3.6 metric tons

  • Overall Dimensions

    23.2' L x 6.9' W x 7.7' H

Ecosystem JetCoater 76 Digital U.V. Coater

  • Automatic Feeder
  • Automatic Down Stacker Delivery
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Vision System


Automatic Feeder:

  • It is a entirely automatic feeder. The system consists of a lifting platform on which the paper is placed, a feed head with a capacity of up to 10,000 (s/h) with paper weights between 110-600(g/m2) and a sheet launch roller to send it to the next unit.
  • The feed head and the sheet launch roller are motorized independently to allow maximum flexibility in managing the format and the spacing of the sheets set from the operator panel.
  • In the automatic processing phase, the lifting platform of the sheet feeder rises autonomously to the necessary heigh to ensure that the feed head grips the next sheet in the pile.
  • The sheet feeder is also equipped with a reading system by means of a special sensor which detects the anomalous situation in which two or more sheets are introduced into the machine by the feeding head. In this case, the machine stops automatically, preventing the double sheets from entering the printing unit.


Side Register Group:

  • The device allows you to correctly align the sheets with respect to each other along the side edge before entering the printing unit.
  • The lateral register allows to reduce sheet alignment errors caused by possible defects in the formation of the stack of paper fed into the sheet feeder and/or by the gripping of the sheet by the feed head.
  • The group consists of a side register, a belt that runs misaligned with respect to the axis of the machine and which rotates in the direction of paper flow and a series of spheres of variable material placed above the belt.
  • The sheet is fed into the assembly by the launch roller in such a way that it enters a gap between the web and the balls.


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Ecosystem, founded in 1996 and based in Rovereto, Italy, holds a strategic position equidistant from Milan and Venice. As a leading supplier in the single-sided film lamination equipment sector, Ecosystem initially emerged as a pre-supplier for brands like Bilhofer and Steinemann. Their European facility is a hub for producing, assembling, and thoroughly testing their equipment. With a global presence marked by nearly 200 installations, including over 50 in North America, Ecosystem specializes in advanced, high-quality thermal (dry) and aqua (water-based) film laminators. They also provide economic models for digital printing, suitable for sleeking applications. Ecosystem’s latest innovation is the JetCoater series, a premier line of digital UV coaters, reflecting their commitment to advancing printing and packaging technology.


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