ITEM #3515-E

2020, Bobst


Ambition 76 A1

30″ Straight Line Folder Gluer with Crash-Lock Bottom

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  • Cycle Speed

    20 to 300 m/min | Inching Speed: 20 m/min

  • Max. Size Format

    76 cm |29.9"

  • Max. Carton Board

    800 gsm

  • Corrugated Flute Type

    N, E, F

2020 Bobst Ambition 76 A1 Folder Gluer with CUBE Control System – 

6 Feed conveyors with 30 mm wide belt with 4 built-in mechanical vibrators
1 Thickness gauge with lateral and lengthwise setting and upper introduction rollers
1 Additional thickness gauge with lateral and lengthwise setting and upper introduction rollers
2 Side guides in two parts, asymmetrical and adjustable in length
Max. pile height: 350 mm (13.78″). 1 set of rear guides for blank support. Feed Motor controlled by variable frequency to drive the feed belts and to put in or out of operation

Prefold Section:

Total length: 2300 mm | 7′ 6.55″
1 lower left conveyor with 43 mm wide belt.
1 Lower right conveyor with 25 mm wide belt.
1 Set of upper conveyors with 25 mm wide belts and lifting device.
1 Left-hand gluelap prebreaker with built-in pressing device adjustable by eccentric, Max. width of the glue flap: 30 mm, plus 1 Reopening guide
1 Right-hand prebreaker with 30 mm belt width, including a system to set the prebreaking angle
1 Lower central supporting guide

Gluing Unit:

1 Lower left-hand gluing unit with wheel and double scraper, removable glue pan, Refill bottle, and 1 upper guide with pressure roller
HHS gluing system with 2 guns, up-gradable up to 4

Additional options installed:

A-012 Delivery, extended version
B-012 Device for crash-lock bottom boxes without prebreaking of 3rd crease
B-060 Device for sleeves and envelopes
EA-015 Electric pile vibrator for rear pile guides improves feeding of blanks
EA-025 Feed belt suction device with EA-030 Rotary brushes
F-020 Long upper right conveyor outlet
G-001 Miniature box folding device
G-015 Central conveyors
J-001 Infeed device with left and right Infeed device and 30 mm belt width.
J-010 Upper pressure belt and J-014 Additional upper pressing belt
DX-027 Glue application system
KX-012 Baume rhhs Code reader Xtend series with K-012 Flipper ejector


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