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2019, Itotec


eRC-137 DX

54″ Guillotine Paper Cutter

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  • Cutting Width


  • Clamp Opening


  • Max. Cutting Depth


  • Min. Cutting Depth w/ False Clamp


  • Min. Cutting Depth w/o False Clamp


  • Knife Stroke


  • Net Weight

    10,800 lbs

2019 Itotec eRC-137 DX 54″ Guillotine Paper Cutter —

  • Terms // Delivered + Installed
  • Status // In Best Graphics Stock Inventory! Available End of January 2024 as a Trade In for a New! Itotec Full Cut System!
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty


eRC Feature Summary:

  • Ball Bearing Screw and L.M.Guide: A combination of ball bearing screw and linear motion slide way for the backgauge ensures smooth and uniform movement even at low speed, sensitive and correct movement corresponding to input and superb durability.
  • Central Lubrication System: All of major oiling points are lubricated by the central lubrication pump.
  • Shear Bolt (Safety Bolt): Should the knife strike a hard material, shear bolts are broken to avoid serious damage to the machine.
  • Magnetic Clutch and Brake: The clutch is of spring closing type which does not drive the knife’ even at a sudden power suspension and is free from the conventional carbon brush troubles. (No carbon brush is used.)
  • Many Optional Units: Robo-trim, inverter unit and other optional units manufactured to meet various requirements such as quality, operability and power saving are prepared.


Equipment Highlights:

  • Knife Drive Double-Ended Pull: For an even cut from end to end and excellent all-round knife-cutting performance, only the double-ended pull system can deliver the power and precision.
  • Photo-Electric Beams Safety Guard: A set of infra-red light beams is projected in front of the cutting zone just above the table to avoid accident.
  • Slot Closing Tape: A slot closing tape covers the slot (Groove) in the center of the main table to avoid trapping of paper and dust falling onto the ball bearing screw.
  • Air Table with Chrome-Plating: The built-in air-table enables the operator to efficiently manipulate heavy and bulky stock with ease. The chromed table gathers no rust.
  • Optical Cutting Line: An optical cutting line is illuminated across the knife width. Operator can memorize the cutting data without descending the clamp.


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