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Zenith 185S

44″ x 73″ Automatic Flatbed Die Cutter for Corrugated

  • Max. Sheet Size

    44.09” x 72.83”

  • Min. Sheet Size

    19.68” x 23.62”

  • Max. Cutting Size

    43.54" x 72.83"

  • Inside Chase

    45.28" x 74.89

  • Min. Gripper Margin


  • Cutting Pressure

    440 US Tons

  • Corrugated Board

    E, B, A, AB Flute

  • Max. Speed

    6,000 Sheets per Hour

  • Machine Weight

    49 US Tons

Young Shin Zenith 185S Flatbed Die Cutter for Corrugated –

The Zenith series allows for easy feeding of warped sheets due to its exceptionally strong and well-designed bottom suction device. Powerful cutting pressure is delivered via the precision knuckle system. Full stripping is achieved with the gripper edge removal device incorporated within the Zenith series. The innovative upper stripping frame allows for rapid order change with output delivered via the diecutter’s non-stop blue top plastic belting system.



  • Gripper: Maximizing the productivity of thin sheets utilizing the gripper’s expert bite.
  • Feeding Section: Precise feeding of board by suction device. Automatic setting of side joggers on Touch Screen.
  • Touch Screen: Clear and simple readings ensure quick fault finding. Operator-friendly controls for easy adjustments. Machine position read out.
  • Die Cutting Section: Form can be changed rapidly. Knuckle system for maximum cutting pressure. Centerline system for quick order change. Air floating device for cutting plate.
  • Stripping Section: Centerline system for quick set-ups. Triple action stripping (male, female and lower). Quick lock system for male stripping.
  • Gripper Edge Removal Device: Full stripping achieved with gripper edge removal device. Discharging of gripper edge by auto conveyor.
  • Delivery Section: Automatic counter ensures batch delivery. Non-stop delivery available by roller conveyor system. Side and back guides for perfect stacking.
  • Pre-Make-Ready Table: Pre-make-ready table for the die chase is standard.
  • Option: Semi-automatic pro-feeder available.


Optional EZ Feeder — Automate material feeding, using vacuum suckers for sheet separation and a warped sheet device for even feeding. It aligns sheets with air-adjusted separation and jogging units, and has electronics to alert the operator for refills or maintenance.


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Best Graphics has been representing the Young Shin line of South Korean built Flatbed Die Cutters, Blankers, and Foil Stampers for over a decade. With over 1,500 installations across the globe, Young Shin offers machines in sizes ranging from 41?, 57? up to 98?. Young Shin provides North American clients dependable Die Cutting equipment at affordable prices, and a post-sales service & parts staff that are dispersed throughout the United States: Atlanta, Michigan, Kansas, Colorado, and California.


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