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SWH 125 RLA (175) Automatic

31 x 47″ Automatic Pile Turner with Aeration, Aligning and Jog

  • Max Sheet Size

    31.49 x 47.24"

  • Min Sheet Size

    18.11 x 15.74"

  • Max Pile Height

    68.89" (Including Pallet)

  • Min Pile Height

    36.61" (Including Pallet)

  • Platform Width


  • Max Carrying Power

    2,640 Lbs.

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 A programmable, automatic Pile Turner with faster hydraulics, and a motorized-pneumatic alignment gauge with auto paper recognition supports Print Shops, and Packaging facilities’ with 25 – 30 – 40+ skid/pallet “runs” of the same size format, and caliper thickness.

A color touch screen allows the input characteristics of each job to be easily saved, and quickly re-produced allowing for faster makeready, and less operator time investment “next time around.”

With an operator not required during the Pile Turning and/or Jogging/Aeration process, installation of protective fences with light barriers ensures our Busch Automatic Pile Turners meet the safety standard requirements of all Commercial Sheetfed shops, Trade Binderies, Finishing Houses, and Packaging facilities!

  • Automatic Operation of Pile Turning, Alignment, Jogging, and Aeration processes
  • Siemens PLC Touch Screen Display for Easy Operator Programming, and Job Storage – Up to 100 “Recipes” Can be Saved for Easy Recall
  • Adjustable Air, and Jogging Intensity via the Control Panel – I.E., Operator Can Manually Override the Characteristics of a Saved “Recipe” if a Specific Pallet is Trickier than Those Before, or After It
  • Faster Hydraulics – Higher Output Flow Control Valves – Rotate Skids Faster Than Conventional SWH 125 RLA Pile Turner/Aerators
  • Pressure Control Flaps On the Platforms Preserve the Skid’s “Air Bubble” Created During the Aeration Process (Thereby Allowing for Easier Picking, and Feeding of Sheets On Your Presses, Die Cutters, etc.)
  • Ability to “Pull” Sheets from the Pile During Airing Process (w/o Stopping Production) Adjustable Pile Hold, or Pile Compression
  • (2) Air Blowers Support 60/70# Lightweight Stocks, All the Way Up to 32-40pt Carton Stocks!
  • Protective Fencing, and Light Barriers
  • Available for Additional: Catwalk Inside/Behind the Pile Turner; 2nd Color Touch Screen Control Panel; Increased “Jaws” from 69″ to 78″; and Ionized Air for Plastic Substrates
  • Our Automatic Busch Pile Turner Aerators are Also Available in 57″ and 64″ Working Widths, Call Us for Further Details! 


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