ITEM #1606

2005, Palamides


Delta 705

Fully Automatic Bander Delivery

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  • Speed

    600 Packages per hour per Stream

  • Band Width


  • Warranty

    90-days Parts

  • Terms

    Cleaned, Checked and Repaired

2005 Palamides Delta 705 Fully Automatic Bander/Delivery –

The Delta is primarily a fully automatic delivery system to aid with material handling, which streamlines the production process:

  • Overhauled by Best Graphics’ Service Department
    • Machine is Cleaned
    • Machine is Checked
    • All Machine Broken Wear and Tear Parts Replaced as Required
  • 5-Up Stream Capable
  • Band with Paper or Plastic
  • Quick Set-Up Mode
  • Operator Console
  • Shipping and Installation Prices for Additional Upon Request


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