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SQ Series

Fully Automated Setup High-Speed Folder Gluer with Straight-Line, Lock-Bottom, Double-Wall, 4-Corner, & 6-Corner

  • Size Formats

  • — SQ-850

    850 mm | 33.5"

  • — SQ-1100

    1100 mm | 43.3"

  • — SQ-1250

    1250 mm | 49.2"

  • — SQ-1450

    1450 mm | 57.1"

  • Max. Speed

    700 m/min. | 2,297 ft./min.

  • Max. Backfold Speed

    300 m/min.

  • Max. Carboard

    800 gsm

  • Flute Types

    N, E, B & F

  • Machine Dimensions

    64.6’ L x 14.1’ W x 5.0’ H

SCM SQ Series Folder Gluer —

The SCM SQ Series is a high-speed Folding Gluer equipped with impressive features at a competitive price. With Straight-line, Lock-bottom, Double-wall, 4-corner, and 6-corner capabilities — it is highly optioned with the potential for fully automatic setup. The machine provides an incredible 10-minute, easily repeatable makeready time, and up to 30 minutes for 6-corner work. Automatic movement of the glue guns for easier operator set up makes the SQ Series an industry game-changer.


Standard features include an easily accessible open frame concept design with robust steel I-Beam construction, full servo control, retractable high-speed back hooks, and an operational speed of up to 700 meters per minute.


The main machine is controlled by an HMI interface that connects to a remote controller for convenient adjustments, making it exceptionally easy to use.  The upper pressure bars can be micro-adjusted to accommodate different paper thicknesses. The machine’s unique design ensures stable operation even at high speeds, eliminating production loss. For added flexibility, the movement of each carrier can be done manually, with numerical location indicators for quick adjustments.  The main motor drive is powered by a 15KW inverter motor shaft and timing belt, which coordinates the movement of each section. Speed adjustments for the main machine, feeder section, and pressing conveyor are easily managed through ratio link movement. Remote ethernet diagnostics ensure maximum machine up-time.


Options include: Inline Windowing, Gyro Turning System, Inline Tape Application, Inline Print Inspection, Pre-Feeder Technology, and Carton Packing Technology.


In terms of market comparison, our machine is comparable to the Bobst Expert/Masterfold lines but comes at a significantly lower price.


Best Graphics is proud to partner with SCM to distribute their innovative Folder Gluers, which, while new to us, have been distributed worldwide for the last 20 years. SCM has an established base with over 100 of the SQ series installations mainly in Europe and a total install population of over 800 machines worldwide.


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