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Lake Image DISCOVERY SmartPQ Inspection System —

The DISCOVERY SmartPQ system revolutionizes print quality inspection by offering 100% monitoring and detection of printing defects, a significant upgrade from traditional manual inspection and strobed video web viewing systems. This advanced technology provides comprehensive and automated defect detection across the entire web in high definition, even at high speeds up to 350 m/min, overcoming the limitations of conventional methods that only inspect small portions of the web. Key features of SmartPQ include:

  • Immediate identification of both random and recurring print defects on web-fed printing presses.
  • Automatic detection of various print defects such as misregistration, die-cut variations, matrix residues, smudges, streaks, creases, wrinkles, and color variations.
  • Prompt alerts to operators for repeating defects or when a defect reaches an unacceptable size, enabling quick corrective actions.


Typical Applications —

  • Web Printing/Labels (offset, digital & narrow web presses) – Cost effective replacement for existing web viewing systems for real-time 100% web viewing and inspection
  • Regulated Packaging & Leaflet (Pharma, Food, Commodities) – Verification of critical data (dosage, expiry/sell by dates, barcodes) against master image to meet government and industry regulations.
  • Laminators & Coating Equipment – Check for lamination errors (creases, tears, bubbling, adhesion issues) or coating errors for error free, high-quality packaging.
  • Plastic Card Processing (financial phone/loyalty card processing) – check for scratches, printing and lamination defects. Scratch-off application errors


Benefits —

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Lower labor costs
  • Liability protection
  • Reduce re-work, waste and spoilage
  • Enhanced accountability
  • Proof of production and quality performance
  • Meet government & industry quality regulations & specifications


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