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23.7 x 29.5 Pile Turner with Aeration, Align & Jog

  • Max Sheet Size

    23.7" x 29.5"

  • Max Pile Height

    47.2" (Including 2 Pallets)

  • Min Pile Height

    11.4" (Including 2 Pallets)

  • Platform Width


  • Platform Depth


  • Max Carrying Weight

    1100 lbs

  • Upgrade Available

    Dual Blower for Thicker Substrates

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Busch SWH 90 Pile Turner With Aeration, Adjustable Aligning & Jog –

  • PLC Controls Panel with Swivel to Front, or Back of Unit
  • Innovative Pressure Control Flaps to Maintain “Air Pocket”
  • Turn Piles In 90 Seconds; Air, Jog & Align In 4 – 5 Minutes
  • Movable Unit via Handtruck with Self-Leveling Legs for Uneven Surfaces


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