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Aqua Komet 106

42″ x 57″ Aqueous & Thermal Film Laminator with Stacker & Optional Hot Knife

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  • Max. Sheet Size

    1060 x 1450 mm | 41.73 x 57.09"

  • Min. Sheet Size

    250 x 270 mm | 9.84 x 10.63"

  • Max. Mechanical Speed

    90 m/min. | 295 feet/min.

  • Paper Weight Range

    100 – 600 gsm

  • Film Thickness

    8 – 80 my

  • Max. Film Width

    1050 mm | 41.34"

  • Max. Film Reel Diameter

    400 mm | 15.75"

Ecosystem Aqua Komet 106 Aqueous & Thermal Film Laminator —

The Aqua Komet 106 laminator represents the pinnacle of laminating innovation, inheriting the esteemed legacy of the Aqua 110 while incorporating the latest in laminating technology. This machine, celebrated for its compact design, utilizes water-based adhesives and thermofilm, encapsulating the renowned features of the Aqua 110 and marking its ascendance in the global market through exceptional performance and a solid reputation. Designed for the production of luxurious packaging and superior-grade lamination, the Aqua Komet 106 offers a significant advancement over traditional hot melt and solvent-based (PUR) laminators by eliminating toxic emissions, thereby promoting a safer, more environmentally friendly production environment. With an impressive operational speed of up to 110 meters per minute, it guarantees rapid, efficient production capabilities.


The Aqua Komet 106’s versatility is a hallmark, seamlessly laminating a wide array of thin and heat-sensitive materials. Its design accommodates various sheet types such as OPP, PET, nylon, thermal, acetate, PE, PLA, and more, as well as glossy, matte, and colored films, facilitating a straightforward, secure lamination process. This state-of-the-art machine excels in high-volume sheet-to-sheet, roll-to-roll, or roll-to-sheet manufacturing, making it particularly suited for book covers and other printed materials. Manufactured with pride in Italy and adhering to CE compliance, the Aqua Komet 106 integrates thermal and water-based lamination technologies, delivering unmatched flexibility and quality in finishing processes.


Key Features:

  • Automatic Feeding System — Equipped with a suction table for precise sheet entry, the feeder’s phase is electronically controlled, ensuring seamless material handling. The PIAB vacuum unit enhances efficiency, while the spray powder cleaning calendar, heatable with a doctor blade and a rubber counter-pressure roller, prepares sheets for lamination.
  • Film Handling — It features a pneumatic film unwinding shaft designed for reels up to 400 mm in outer diameter, accommodating internal cores of 3” and 6”. The electromagnetic brake ensures consistent tension, while the film trimmer with tension adjustment and trim rewinder maintains accuracy and quality.
  • Coating & Adhesive Application — A coating group for water-based adhesives includes a coating roller, a dosing roller, and a doctor blade for precise application. The pneumatic membrane adhesive pump and water distribution system on the coating cylinder, coupled with a Teflon-treated adhesive containment tank, facilitate easy cleaning and efficient adhesive application.
  • Advanced Laminating Group — Newly designed to exert 40% more pressure than previous generations for enhanced production quality. It consists of a reinforced chromed steel calendar, heated through forced water circulation, and a high-pressure suitable rubber-covered counter-pressure roller.
  • Efficient Drying System — Includes a Teflon-covered heated calendar, hot air circulation with a heat recovery system, and a heat exchanger to minimize energy consumption. Two off-line heaters allow for temperature differentiation, enhancing the laminating and drying processes.
  • Sheet Handling & Finishing — Features a separation group for sheets laminated with OPP, including a decurling system, film perforation, and rubber-coated separating rollers. The transfer to the stacker is facilitated by suction belts, ensuring orderly stacking with an automatic stacker.
  • Control & Connectivity — The machine is equipped with a touch screen lamination control system for easy operation and a remote assistance system with Ethernet connection for troubleshooting, ensuring that support is always within reach (ADSL line required at your charge).
  • Safety & Compliance — Comes with CE compliant manuals, ensuring the machine meets the highest safety and operational standards.


An optional hot knife for increased pile height is available to further enhance the machine’s versatility and performance.


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Ecosystem, founded in 1996 and based in Rovereto, Italy, holds a strategic position equidistant from Milan and Venice. As a leading supplier in the single-sided film lamination equipment sector, Ecosystem initially emerged as a pre-supplier for brands like Bilhofer and Steinemann. Their European facility is a hub for producing, assembling, and thoroughly testing their equipment. With a global presence marked by nearly 200 installations, including over 50 in North America, Ecosystem specializes in advanced, high-quality thermal (dry) and aqua (water-based) film laminators. They also provide economic models for digital printing, suitable for sleeking applications. Ecosystem’s latest innovation is the JetCoater series, a premier line of digital UV coaters, reflecting their commitment to advancing printing and packaging technology.


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