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18-Clamp Perfect Binder

  • Mechanical Speed

    1,000 – 7,000 Cycles Per Hour

  • Product Height

    140 – 435 mm | 5.51" – 17.13"

  • Product Width

    105 – 320 mm | 4.13" – 12.60"

  • Product Thickness

    2 – 62 mm | 0.08" – 2.44"

Wohlenberg Vento 18-Clamp Perfect Binder –

In the medium performance segment, the Vento Perfect binder Stands out as a true all-rounder. Designed with flexibility and adaptability at its core, the Vento is the solution for a wide range of specialized finishing needs.


Versatility at Its Best: From producing Swiss brochures or Otabind brochures to crafting gatefolded products, the Vento is ready to meet every requirement. Its adaptability makes it a must-have for any specialized finishing company.


Innovative Solutions:

  • Energy Efficiency: The QuickJet PUR-nozzle system ensures optimal energy use.
  • Dynamic-Drive Technology: Several components benefit from this cutting-edge technology, enhancing performance and efficiency.
  • Space-Saving Configuration: With 90° or 180° curves between the gathering machine and perfect binder, the Vento fits into space-limited places without compromising functionality.


Precision and Control: The Vento’s spine preparation can be equipped with either a chip- or dust milling tool, guaranteeing a reliable and accurate milling process. The 2nd station, standardly frequency-controlled, can be equipped with a multiple knife head, allowing individual height adjustments via motor control. Plus, it can be easily swiveled out for maintenance work, ensuring that the Vento is as user-friendly as it is effective.


Why Choose the Vento?

  • Adaptability: Tailor the Vento to a wide range of applications.
  • Innovation: Benefit from energy-efficient systems and dynamic-drive technology.
  • Convenience: Enjoy easy adjustments and maintenance.
  • Quality: Trust in the Vento’s reliable and precise processes.


Standard Features—

  • Easy to use thanks to Navigator, a graphically interactive user interface
  • Fully motorized adjustments of all important functions for setting block thickness and cover format
  • Infeed channel in dynamic-drive Technology with adjustable jogger
  • Flexible spine preparation station with powerful main milling motor and separate frequency control motor with notching – or multiple knive head
  • Comprehensive gluing technology for selective processing of Hotmelt, coldglue and PUR-glue with separate processing of spine- and side glue
  • Universal, easy-to-operate rotary cover feeder for processing 4-, 6- and 8-page covers
  • 2nd pressing station for improved spine forming
  • Optimized delivery channel in dynamic-drive Technology with quick opening device


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