New, Young Shin



29″ x 41″ Die Cutter Foil Stamper and Embosser

  • Max. Sheet Size

    40.94" x 29.13"

  • Min. Sheet Size

    17.32" x 13.38"

  • Cutting Pressure

    331 US Tons

  • Max. Cut Speed

    6,600 s/h

  • Max. Stamp Speed

    5,000 s/h

  • Foil Width

    1.18" - 40.15"

  • Weight

    22 US Tons

  • Searching for Used, Late Model Bobst 102 BMAs that Are Too Expensive? Go New, and Get a Full, 2-Year Warranty! 
  • Foil Pulls, like a Gietz, with the Printed Sheet to Reduce Foil Waste; Not Across
  • Can be Utilized as a Die Cutter-Stripper During Non-Stamping/”Off Peak” Hours!
  • Changeover In Approximately 10 Minutes!


New Young Shin Revotec 1040FS Hot Foil Stamper and Die Cutter –

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