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29″ x 41″ Die Cutter with Foil Stamping

  • Max. Sheet Size

    740 x 1040 mm | 29.13" x 40.94"

  • Min. Sheet Size

    340 x 440 mm | 13.38" x 17.32"

  • Max. Cutting Size

    730 x 1040 mm | 28.74" x 40.94"

  • Max. Stamping Size

    720 x 1020 mm | 28.34" x 40.15"

  • Inside Chase

    764 x 1100 mm | 30.07" x 43.30"

  • Min. Gripper Margin

    8 mm | 0.31"

  • Cutting Pressure

    331 US Tons

  • Max. Speed

  • — Cuttting

    6,600 Sheets per Hour

  • — Stamping

    5,000 Sheets per Hour

  • Sheet Thickness

  • — Carton Board

    0.004" – 0.060"

  • — Corrugated Board

    E, B Flute (0.157")

  • Machine Weight

    22 US Tons

Young Shin REVOTEC 1040FS Die Cutter with Foil Stamping —

The Young Shin REVOTEC 1040FS is a hot foil stamping machine. The innovative technology of the 1040FS sets this unit apart from its competitors. The REVOTEC 1040FS only requires a foil path of 6’ as compared to 40’ on other brands. The foil also travels with the sheet in the same direction eliminating the excessive leader often required by other competitors while shortening the foil’s transport and path through the stamper. The REVOTEC 1040FS features the many advantages offered in the highly-acclaimed REVOTEC series including:

  • An economical investment with initial and operational cost savings
  • UL-certified electronics including UL-wiring
  • Offers a 20% greater weight advantage when compared to other rival models
  • A 25% greater impressional tonnage capacity



  • Air Blower: Sheet and foil can be separated with the unit’s air blower (both longitude and latitude)
  • Feeder: Thin sheets and corrugated boards can be smoothly fed with the suction device.
  • Main Touch Screen: Checks and displays machine’s conditions and settings for foil adjustments.
  • Foil Driving (Longitude): Foil transferring utilizing Servo motors.
  • Rewinding Box: Uses the air shaft with the one-touch system for setting paper tube onto shaft (waste foil disposal).
  • Sub Touch Screen: Checks machine’s condition and setting for foil adjustments.
  • Unwinding Device (Longitude): Maintains foil tension with vacuum and friction.
  • Rewinding Device (Latitude): Maintains foil tension with Servo motors and disposes of waste foil for rewinding.
  • Switching Device: Device used for handling waste foil.
  • Delivery Section: Sheets can be neatly stacked with side joggers.


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