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CE 1560

Tray Forming Machine

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  • Speed

    Up to 54,000 Trays/Hr.

  • Format Range

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  • Lanes

    1 to 6 Lane Production

  • Degree of Taper

    5° – 40°

  • Carton Thickness

    200 – 600 gsm

  • Corrugated Thickness

    Up to 1.5 mm

  • Machine Dimensions

    14.4' L x 8.5' W

Heiber + Schroeder CE 1560 Tray Forming Machine —

The CE 1560 is a powerhouse of performance, offering the productivity equivalent to three smaller machines with its up to six-lane capability. This versatile machine enables you to produce a wide range of trays, including specialized containers for out-of-home food, as well as other conical tray types. Engineered to meet the stringent requirements of major clients, the CE 1560 carton erecting machine is your go-to solution for high-demand operations. Manufactured in Germany, Heiber + Schröder machinery is renowned within the packaging industry for its exceptional quality. With the CE 1560, you can operate at full capacity while ensuring a safe and reliable production process.


  • Glue Application Using Bottom or Top Mounted Glue Guns
  • Processor Controlled Blank Feeder with Teach-In Function
  • Quick and Easy Set-Up Using a Single Blank
  • Plug-In/Pull-Out Fixtowers
  • Servo-Driven Pusher Motion, Ready Programmed for Various Tray Styles and Formats
  • Set-Up Data Storage


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  • Footprint

    14' 5" L x 8' 6" W

  • Layout