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Fully Automatic Casemaker

2011 Kolbus DA280 Fully Automatic Casemaker –

For fully automatic production of book cases, files, posters, calendar and board game components.

  • Speeds of Up to 100 Cycles/Min
  • Optional, Upgraded Integrated Board Cutter (!)
  • Viscosity Control MK02
  • Cloth Feeder
  • Center Strip Processing Device
  • Co-Pilot with Programmable Automatic Settings
  • Motorized Adjustments
  • Fault/Error Detection
  • Max Size: 340 x 670mm (13.38 x 26.37″)
  • Min Size: 140 x 205mm (5.51 x 8.07″)
  • Terms: Dismantled, Skidded and Loaded
  • Shipping Prices Upon Request


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Kolbus DA280 Casemaker
Kolbus DA280 CasemakerKolbus DA280 Casemaker
Kolbus DA280 Casemaker